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u asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

請教達人英文的"歡喜的一天" 如何說 ?

請教達人有一句台灣人常說的關懷他人的話,該怎麼說成英語 ?(好像是慈濟說的)

==> 窮人或富人都一樣, 每個人每天都有 24 小時,你用歡喜的心情過日仔, 那你就擁有開心(或歡喜) 的24 小時。 你用憂愁的心情過日仔,妳就會擁有憂愁的 24 小時。





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    Wealthy or poor, one will only have 24 hours per day. If you have a joyful mind set, you will have a joyful day. If you have a sorrow mind set, you will have sorrow day.

    A sorrow day is a day; a joyful day is also a day, your choice.

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