Is it possible for orders from Apple to arrive earlier than expected?

I ordered a iPhone 4 on the apple website and it says it will take roughly 3 weeks, is there a chance that the date will move up or it pretty much set in stone?

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    9 years ago
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    Usually, when a product is in high demand, it won't come in until the last minute. Expect to get your delivery in roughly 3 weeks. The past couple of times I ordered something from them it came in a day earlier than FedEx estimated, but the package didn't depart earlier than Apple's estimate. Sorry, but with all the iPhone orders and waiting lists, 3 weeks seems likely.

  • 9 years ago

    There's a chance, there's always a chance... it's VERY unlikely though...

    I would suggest calling any local stores that deal with AT&T Cell phones and ask them if they have the iphone 4 in stock... if one of them does, call the Apple Customer Service and see if you can cancel the order... then you can just take a little trip to that store you found that has em in stock...

    Otherwise, you're pretty much stuck for 3 weeks...

    Good luck!

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