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Am I Horrible? Seriously Answers and expert/long time golfers only!?

I am 15 years old and started golfing when i was 13. My last outing i Hit a 94 on a par 72. I'm not asking if im ready for the tour but am i bad? I hit 240 with my Driver on a good day at the range, 215 ish with my 3 wood, 185 - 5 wood, 160 - 5i,... 130-pw. again im not asking if im ready for the tour. i want an honest opinion. i have never had lessons im self taught. someone tell me on a scale 1-10 which one being barely hits off the tee and 10 being im ready to hit the tour... ps im not trying to hit the tour i would be fine playing a bar league in my future.


could you guys tell me if you guys are in an adult league of some sort what you guys hit on an avg weekend? my whole family who plays are either worst then me or dont keep score.

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    Hey man your not bad after only 2 years of playing! it took my 6 years to get my game into the low 80s, so don't expect it to come easy. I have been playing 9 years now and am anywhere from 78-90 so its not a consistent game unless you practice ALOT. Although another poster said distance isn't key, when I get my driver going (305+ in fairway) I can shoot that 78 with 30+ puts which is ridiculous. When I have to hit 3 iron of the tee(230+) It is MUCH harder to hit the green. First, start off with hitting smooth and consistent. When you get consistent high 80's move to swinging faster with less accuracy to put more distance on. Work on that and learn to hit straight with a faster swing. If you keep doing that to where your hitting 20+ more yards you'll see your game get wildly good. For me, I have school and work so I don't have time to get out everyday and practice. You'll get there just keep working! I also have a software program I can slow swings if you want to send a video to me of your swing I can check it out.

    P.S. if you want to shoot better scores right now, get practice balls and a mat and chip chip chip. If you struggle to hit GIR atleast you can put that next shot close.

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    You are about a 5 yet you are young, still learning and growing. Be patient about the game and practice with the correct fundamentals. You will be surprised how fast your game will come around when you start getting stronger. Work on your short game NOW, the skills acquired now will last the rest of your life and a good chip or putt is worth a 300 yard drive.

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    No your not bad, your actually pretty good. Most weekend golfers are happy to break 100 on a par 72 and the average amateur golfer hits a driver 205 yards.

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    A few things to keep in mind and perspective ~

    The game of golf is not so much about your age or gender or how long you've been playing, but instead about one's skill level (or lack there of). And thus, since you're still shooting over bogey golf (more than a stroke a hole) on your best day it would suggest you're not that good.

    Golf is not so much about gauging off your best shots (or best round) but instead about what you do "on average" - so your distances and one good score aren't very relative or realistic.

    If your intent is to improve, sign up for some lessons (very few decent golfers are self-taught), and the sooner the better. It's easier for a teaching pro to help rid you of what you're doing wrong when you have fewer bad habits or bad techniques when they're not deeply ingrained over years of playing, and harder for them to help you fix if you wait until later to correct them.

    Enjoy the game for what it is, but don't get caught up in being obsessed or how far you hit it or looking for a basis of comparison unless you're willing to work on your game.

    Have fun!

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    Your an average hacker chief, don't quit school.

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