Chikorita gets Pokerus? What is Pokerus?

I haven't even fought the first gym but I finished the Sprout Tower. What is Pokerus? The lady at the Pokemon Center said it helped it level. In Pokemon Heart Gold.

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    9 years ago
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    something like it increases the amount of XP you get from battles or it increases how much ur stats go up from leveling up.

  • Vyrus
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    9 years ago

    "The Pokérus (Japanese: ポケルス Pokérus) is a special status condition that a Pokémon may get, first appearing in the Generation II games. Unlike other status conditions, it cannot be healed at a Pokémon Center or with any status ailment healing item, and can only be obtained by the Pokémon in question once. When a Pokémon has had the Pokérus, it gains double the effort values from battling (i.e., fighting a Magikarp will give two Speed EVs, rather than one). Effort points gained from vitamins are not doubled. The infected Pokémon can infect other Pokémon with the virus for a period of about two days, however the Pokérus timer can be delayed by several methods including placing the infected Pokémon in a PC box.

    When it was introduced, the Pokérus had a 3 in 65,536 chance to be on a generated Pokémon, either wild or bred. Through battling or capturing this wild Pokémon, players could get this helpful virus onto their own Pokémon, and subsequently spread it around. Due to the overwhelmingly low chance of encountering the virus (about 1/3 of the chance to encounter a Shiny Pokémon), and the fact that most would not even recognize a Pokémon with the virus and therefore flee from it, most players would never have a Pokémon with the virus."

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    Pokérus is a rare virus introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver. It is extremely infectious in nature, being able to spread between Pokémon of different species. The only cure for Pokérus is to wait for a period of 24 hours. Infected Pokémon can be traded to Pokémon Red and Blue, but because Pokérus does not exist in these games, it cannot be contracted or spread when traded. However, the effects of the Pokérus are still applied. Similarly, a Pokémon with the Pokérus cannot be cured while in these two games. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Pokérus is displayed as a pink rectangle stating Pokérus in the Summary window.

    Despite being a virus, Pokérus is beneficial to its hosts. Pokérus accelerates the hidden statistical development of Pokémon (that is, its training) by making it gain effort values at twice the speed. This effect is cumulative with the Macho Brace, and an infected Pokémon with such an item effectively trains at four times its normal rate. In the third generation games, where training is capped to a maximum, the Pokérus does not raise this maximum limit. The overall effect on a Pokémon's strength is thus negligible, as a Pokémon can be fully trained with or without Pokérus. It is, however, easier to fully develop a Pokémon's skills with Pokérus because it reduces the number of battles needed to fully train the Pokémon.

    Pokérus is mainly contracted from battles; there is a 2 in 65,535 chance of contracting Pokérus in battle. If a Pokémon in the active party has Pokérus, in each round of battle there is a 1 in 2 chance (1 in 3 in the third generation) that an adjacent Pokémon on the team will contract the Pokérus. The active Pokémon can also contract Pokérus in this manner if the first "bench member" has the Pokérus.

    Pokérus is cured after 24 hours on the party from the time of infection; Pokémon cannot be cured of Pokérus if left in a PC box or are traded to Pokémon Stadium 2 or Pokémon Box. It also appears that pokerus will not stop being contagius even after twenty-four hours in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Once Pokérus' effects end, the host develops an immunity to it and pokerus can no longer be transmitted. However, the accelerated stat growth remains, the Pokémon only loses the ability to spread it.

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    9 years ago

    Pokerus is something you should spread and save. its a virus that benefits by doubling the Effort values you get. Lets say you fight a Pidgey, it gives 1 Speed EV, but with pokerus it doubles to 2 points. beware it runs out after a while so put like 3 other pokemon in your party, walk for a bit and get one and keep it in the PC. Nice because getting PKRS is really hard. This is used for training, so if you use a power item ( lets say lens) fight a gastly this happens- 1 Sp Att EV = 4 Sp Att ev's from the Power lens times 2 is 10 Ev's. Really useful and awesome

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  • 9 years ago

    Pokerus is an extremely rare pokemon disease that I believe doubles the experience of that pokemon and any pokemon that is in the same party. It only lasts for a short period of time, so use the benefit for as long as you can. It is also extremely rare and pokemon players would die to have it if you traded them a pokemon with pokerus. You can look it up on Google, anyways, cool.

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    It is a helpful virus that a pokemon may get it will give more experience and higher stat boost take advantage it will go away after awhile

  • 9 years ago

    It's a helpful virus; it goes away in a few days

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