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Does stretching help your height increase?

Well, I was wondering if stretching or yoga stuff helped your height increase at all. I heard this, but I'm not sure if its true or not. Of course I'm asking this because I want to increase my height, it doesn't matter how much, something's better than nothing even if its only a cm. So yea, and if stretching DOES help you get taller, do you focus the stretch mostly on your spine?

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    I've heard it does. Plus it helps muscles feel loose. Yes, because of a couple of reasons.

    First, our bones and muscles can be developed by proper and regular exercise. With proper stretching, our spine will become straighter and longer, thus, increasing the height and giving proper posture.

    Other questions like, "will stretching increase height even if I am over 20?" have been answered. Studies have shown that it will increase height even on persons over 23 years old. Some have even recorded an increase of 3 inches to a 25 year-old.

    Stretching also helps the production of the growth hormone. Our body decreases the production of this hormone as we grow older. But the proper stretching exercises will help increase it back.

    Second, stretching increase height because our joints are capable of expanding by performing some stretching exercises and massaging them regularly. Athletes often stretch and massage their knees and elbows to be developed.

    It is a fact that tall people are more favored and is likely to be more successful than shorter ones. Being tall implies that you know how to take care and develop your body. For instance, women find tall men to be sexy. Hence, the "tall, dark, and handsome" criteria that women are always looking for. Men also find tall women to be attractive. Women with long legs and sexy body can really draw the attention of the guys. Also, in some professions or careers, height is a requirement and the taller applicants are given more consideration. Another reason for their success is that height also comes with it an aura of self-confidence. Being tall makes a person believe that he can be whoever he wants to be.

    Taking into account these realities, it is important today to be tall and physically fit. You do not have to take all those food supplements that claim to be effective or spend a lot of cash on painful surgeries. You do not even need to spend money on equipments and gadgets. Lots of Stretching increase height naturally and effectively.

    Not all models are born tall. Most of them only acquire their long and sexy physique because of sleeping, proper diet, and of course, stretching. We can almost see them everyday in TV or even in person doing their stretching routines. Some models also do yoga which is a variation of stretching. The main purpose is to develop your body through stretching and relaxation.

    Basketball players are taller than they are supposed to be. Those long arms and slender body are the result of stretching exercises. A normal person will not attain an athlete's body without the proper work out. These athletes have professional instructors that design their stretching routines to make their body longer and more conditioned.

    Stretching does not have to be painful, time-consuming, or even rigorous. A 10-minute session everyday can work wonders and you can even see results as early as 3 weeks. Stretching regularly can also improve your body posture which will contribute in making you look taller. It also gives you more energy during the day because stretching will make your muscles loosen up.

    To answer the question "Does stretching increase height?" yes it does and you can prove it yourself


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    No, unfortunately you will not get taller by these (or any other similar) method. Technically, you are a little taller if you stretch near the end of the day because you are a teeny tiny bit shorter by the end of the day but thats about it. Your height lies all in your genes.

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    No...developing calls for frame growth, where cells divide to create constitution.....stretching is well to your muscle groups and frame, however may not broaden the cost of your mobile/frame development... Try consuming protein, protein (determined in eggs and meat) is helping construct muscle and fix frame harm, it's going to feed your cells, protein MAY aid you develop...however whether or not or now not your frame can or will develop anymore is as much as itself, protien would possibly handiest HELP you...

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    Number 1 factor in growth is genes.

    Then nutrition then stretching exercises.

    'More in depth' - here http://www.teen-questions.com/how-tall-will-i-be.h...

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