which nurse gives the APGAR TEST?

which one does it?

and whats the difference between labor and delivery nurse and neonatal nurse?

and which one gives the baby its bath and shots??

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    It really depends on your hospital. Here your L&D nurse will be the one to apgar and give the vitamin K shot while the doctor delivers the placenta, then later or the following day you may get the same nurse to do the hearing screen and a bath or you may get a nursery nurse. I have experienced both.

    Source(s): Mom of a 6,4,3 year old and 37 weeks pregnant.
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    The APGAR was conducted by the midwives who delivered my baby. There were about three in the room i think. The second (5 min) APGAR was conducted by them also (My baby got 9/10 and then 10/10! :D She's a high achiever! lol).

    I had different midwives at the birth than the labor because there was a shift change, otherwise i would have just had the same midwives for the whole thing. They will give the baby a rub down to stimulate the nerves and blood flow, this cleans them a little.

    A neo natal nurse works in the Intensive care unit (I had gestational diabetes so my baby went here at first after I tried BF). These are the ones who administered her first shots, and also monitored her glucose levels. They also fed her her first bottle (without my permission). She was also given her heel prick test in the NICU.

    Once the baby was in my room in the maternity ward, she didn't really get any active care from the nurses (although the maternity ward nurses were supposed to be checking on her regularly). And one of the nurses showed me how to bath the baby, I gave her her first bath.

    And a final check up by a pediatrician before we were checked out and allowed home.

    I'm in Australia too, the midwives definitely are the ones who administered the APGAR in my case.

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    That would be the neonatal nurse. A labor and delivery nurse is with the mother before and during labor helping her. A neonatal nurse specializes in newborn infants (usually with sick ones). So over all the neonatal nurses take care of the baby and the labor and delivery nurses take care of the mother. Hope this helped! Good luck!

    Source(s): Going to be a neonatal nurse
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    Im in Australia and the paediatrician does the APGAR test. Midwives are the nurses that look after you during labor and delivery, but i think they look after you and bub after as well. The nurses that were present for my labor administered bubs first shots. Maybe they are trained in both. Because after i went up to the ward the nurses that looked after me also looked after bub.

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