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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesSan Francisco · 1 decade ago

What is Berkeley, California like?

Hello there, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what Berkeley is like, the way it works, how the people is, walking in the streets, the hotels, the life, the food... Anything you can tell me about it, I have looked at wikipedia and other places already, but now I desire information from people who have either visited and experienced/explored it and/or people who live there. I am planning on traveling on my own there for a concert so I would like to know what I'll be dealing with. Thanks a lot!

Lots of love and peace XX

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    Berkeley is a college town with a huge population of young people from all over the world. There are A LOT of homeless and panhandlers who can be unpredictable and are prone to aggression. It's a highly walkable place if you are stationed in the area you want to be, I find you can't go wrong sticking with a mile of the UC campus.

    There is lots of shopping, from the high end shops around 4th street to the street vendors of Telegraph, plentiful food anywhere you go, and reasonably cheap lodging, provided you're not looking for a 4-star experience.

    Parking is terrible, there are lots of garages - use them, it will save you time and parking tickets. Don't drive yourself around if you can help it - the streets are a maze of one-ways, dead ends and traffic control circles. Get a room close to where you want to be, as getting in and out can be difficult due to heavy traffic. BART doesn't do Berkeley justice, anywhere you'd want to be is a hike from the station, the bus lines are confusing, so, if you can afford it, cabs are your best bet.

    Berkeley is nice college town during the day, but at night, you should bear in mind that it is the bridge between Oakland and Richmond, which both have well-documented problems with violence. Just like your mother says, stay alert and be careful!

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    Its really cool. looootssss of fun. their are all different kinds of people. Some kinda crazy and others really cool. go to and they have the good places in the bay area. GOOD LUCK!

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