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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetInternetOther - Internet · 10 years ago

obtaining a website back?

Heres the deal guys, I can build and design websites with general ease. I make them for friends here and there and they usually host them. Well, a local plumbing company wants me to build their website. The guy who was supposed to build it did a half *** job and never finished it. Getting a hold of the guy is impossible so obtaining it that way is not really an option. What are my options here? I did a whois search but it wasnt very helpful. For reference, the website is Oxnard Plumbing Co. Inc.


I forgot to mention that the owner "swears" he is not getting a monthly bill for hosting charges. So my guess is that the site is being remotely hosted..

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  • Viper
    Lv 6
    10 years ago
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    You mean getting access to the domain name and hosting space? Doesn't the owner have a credit card bill from the hosting company? That should tell you who hosting it, then have the owner call them and he can get all the passwords etc.


    If so, the name servers point to (which is



    Try contacting hostingexpress I say.

    Also I doubt it was a monthly bill - It would have been a yearly payment, so have the boss check his CC bill when the site started.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Why do you need the previous site builder?

    Do you mean he registered the domain name

    If so, that's against the ICANN rules unless Oxnard inc agrees to let him have it.

    Companies/copyright holders have 1st rights for their like-named domains.

    If that's the prob, contact ICANN on Oxnard's behalf w/ documentation, and request the previous guy be stripped of ownership, then you/Oxnard can buy it.

    If the owner's not getting hosting charges, maybe it's not hosted: it doesn't have to be for the name to be owned. It can be just registered. Also, the true registrant can hide behind a proxy registrant, but the proxy has to answer to ICANN for any inquiries /problems coming to ICANN about the name.

    Sometimes those proxies will quickly reveal the registrants true name,phone, address, etc, if the proxy gets a legal sounding letter demanding that.

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  • drown
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    4 years ago

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