what is yahoo's email to report scams?

What is yahoo's email address to report a email that is a scam?

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    Here are two ways to report email scams from Yahoo addresses:

    1. Report the message to Customer Care by going here: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/yahoomail/ab...

    Choose Fraud as the reason for the violation you're reporting on.

    2. Alternatively, you can forward the message to them-unedited and with full headers-at this address: phishing@cc.yahoo-inc.com

    You can also forward the scam messages to the following groups:

    Internet Fraud Complaint Center: ifcc.tp@fbi.gov

    FraudAid Scam Reporting Email: scamreports@fraudaid.com

    Castle Cops: depositscam@coldrain.net

    Federal Trade Commission: spam@uce.gov

    Internet Crime Complaint Center: http://ic3.gov/default.aspx

    Comsumer Fraud Reporting: http://www.consumerfraudreporting.org/reporting.ph...

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    4 years ago

    so a techniques as all of us can tell, Yahoo has stopped even pretending to settle for court docket situations approximately unsolicited mail and different digital mail abuse devoted utilising Yahoo mail bills. Yahoo USED TO have a internet site the place you would be able to desire to document unsolicited mail and different abuse coming from Yahoo mail bills. The internet site became confusing to apply (intentionally so, i believe) yet once you have been utilising reliable digital mail utility and you have been conscious of the technical aspects of digital mail, you would be able to desire to deliver an abuse document to Yahoo. The abuse reporting internet site that Yahoo USED TO have is now no longer available; Yahoo's (almost ineffective) so-pronounced as "help" pages have no longer something in any respect approximately reporting abuse; and the few solutions right here that pointed to techniques to document abuse are actually not from now on terrific. many human beings used to question no be counted if or no longer Yahoo actual did something approximately abuse comments, yet now the respond is obviously that Yahoo is now no longer keen to even acquire comments of abuse via its shoppers.

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