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a question about arabic language!!?

i have seen many people writing ''mar7aba'' or ''La2'' & many others..

what do these numbers mean?? can anyone write all of them & what do they stand for... i shall be very thankful :)

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    1) This isn't from Arabic language, it's a transliteration, and more like a Chat language.

    2) Some Arabic letters don't have an equivalent in English alphabet. So, some use these characters instead, which are similar to the shape of these Arabic letters.

    3) So, they will say "Mar7aba" (Hi), instead of "Marhaba" which doesn't have the same Arabic pronunciation.

    4) More on the Subject here:

    5) Comparison Table:

    6) With this tool from Google ( ), you can put the word in question, and it'll bring it back to its original Arabic form.

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    Im in hs here in california and took arabic for two years

    Marhaba is hello












    If you want to say eleven for example,you say ihda ashar. Its a combination of one and ten.

    14 would be arbaa ta ashar. The ta is like and ten.

    15 is hamza ta ashar and so on

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    the 7 in marhaba is meant to represent the ha in arabic, which is a breathy H sound, like you are blowing out air ح you can see the top of it looks likek the 7 so i guess thats why they chose 7

    la2, im assuming is "no" and it has a glottalized stop after it, so it would have to be the hamza or ain

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    First, I am an Arab from from Egypt

    Second, Arabic has sound that are different from English

    The "7" stands for an Arabic sound that is very similar to '"h"'

    "2" stands for A

    "La2" means "no"

    "mar7aba" means "hello, welcome to you"

    If you really want more of these words, visit this site

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