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a question about arabic language!!?

i have seen many people writing ''mar7aba'' or ''La2'' & many others..

what do these numbers mean?? can anyone write all of them & what do they stand for... i shall be very thankful :)

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    1) This isn't from Arabic language, it's a transliteration, and more like a Chat language.

    2) Some Arabic letters don't have an equivalent in English alphabet. So, some use these characters instead, which are similar to the shape of these Arabic letters.

    3) So, they will say "Mar7aba" (Hi), instead of "Marhaba" which doesn't have the same Arabic pronunciation.

    4) More on the Subject here:

    5) Comparison Table:

    6) With this tool from Google ( ), you can put the word in question, and it'll bring it back to its original Arabic form.

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    some of Arabic letters don't resemble the English letters in pronunciation ..

    for example .. you know how spanish people pronounce the name " Alejandro " Ale-ja-ndro ?? the number "5" in arabic refers to the same letter "ja" in spanish =)

    another example .. the pronunciation of number "4" would be the same pronunciation of the word " The" in English =)

    you see , it's a little bit complicated ^^" the whole numbers letters writing system isn't official in Arabic language .. only young and some people in the internet use it

    but if you still want to know what does every number stand for .. here :

    2 = أ

    3 = ع

    4 = ذ

    5 = خ

    6 = ط

    7 = ح

    8 = ق

    9 = ص

    '3 = غ

    '6 = ظ

    '9 = ض


    hope that helped you =)

    Source(s): it's my language =)
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    Shukran Means thankyou... Afwan Means excuse me BUT In saudi/.....If you are saying Shukran (thankyou) To anyone they're going to answer Afwan (your welcome) andd For excuse me they are saying... Law samahtee. Ifa

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