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Will the world ever run out of natural resources?

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    Yes the World will eventually run out of its resources. In time, everything will be used up. The first to go will be the Fossil Fuels (oil, gas & coal) within 100 years max. Everything else will take longers, perhaps 1000's of years for some resources. The last resource that we on Earth will run out of will happen 4 billion years from now when the Sun starts to die out. Something tells me that the human species will have been long, long gone by that time.

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    Natural Resources Running Out

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    Yeahhhhhh because the BP Oil spill really put a dent in the natural reserves of the entire world........ the answer is obviously yes. Everyday we find new oil but everyday we are using oil and eventually we will run out probably later than the media propaganda is telling you but yeah we will have to eventually. I personally think we will have figured out way more efficient uses of natural resources before we find alternative resources. Like Trains. way efficient that whole metal on metal contact not a lot of friction going on their. I have a feeling highspeed trains will start becoming economically because of the use of so little gas and if you can go from on part of the nation to the other in the same time why not use the train. It will probably cut the airline industry down hugely. Yeah I think in our lifetime we will see alot of changes not in alternative resources but in using the resources we have better.

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    It will run out of RESOURCES, but as long as humans are alive it will not run out of SOURCES. Human ingenuity has the ability to find new ways of converting multiple natural (and unnatural) processes into gigantic amounts of energy. Petroleum is the backbone of energy and is a very widely used natural resource that will not last forever. In fact, I would be surprised if we are still using oil as our main means on energy within the next 50 years.

    As for obtaining new sources of energy I believe that there are more efficient ways to supply the world with its power needs. In my opinion the future is in nuclear energy. There is only a fraction of the waste produced compared to oil and it is far more efficient as far as resources and output are concerned. That is just my opinion.

    The fact is, oil will eventuall run out and we will need an alternate means of power and at this point the only source that can come close to supplying as much energy as oil is nuclear. It's just a matter of time and development.

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    All answers are on oil which of course will run out, but humans require much more than oil, food for example, remember the food crisis due to price spikes just two years ago?

    It was preposterous and unacceptable to link food demand to population growth in the 1980s, at a time of world food mountain crisis; the world had a population of 4.5 billion people, but is now a taboo at 7 with a projection of 9.3 billion by 2050.

    What about carbon sink reductions since the 1980s, adding 3 billion people will need to clear more land (trees etc) for housing, and 2 more billion people are on their way, they all need to be housed and feed.

    As to oil, your great grand can tell you that 100 years ago, the world was still dark at night, but then there were only 1 billion people, can we be sure the world will be still be bright at night a 100 years from now?

    The Stone Age did not end for lack of stone, but our Oil Age will end long before oil runs out, the greatest error is the sheer number of us, taking more than the Earth can renew.

    By the end of this century, we could have use up the oxygen in our atmosphere before we use up fossil fuel at our present rate of carbon-sink reduction levels.

    A prophet diagnosis recorded the 'death of the Earth' in the year 2050, was not the cause of our carbon footprint; our sheer number was the deadly cause. Human beings are at best selfish and at worst shedding crocodile tears.

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    Yes! NONrenewable resources like oil and fuel will eventually run out, or be scarce. Once they get scarce, gasoline prices will rise. Which is one of the reasons why we are trying to find an alternative for running cars.

    Renewable resources like water will never run out, because they are constantly naturally replenished.

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    Our nonrenewable resources will run out eventually. It used to be like a distant future thought, but with the BP oil spill, and other occurrences like that, the resources will run out sooner than later. That is why we need to conserve our natural resources and "go green" with renewable resources.

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    My own personal opinion says no, we wont. If we keep going like this we will. But humans have always adapted through the years and i think we will soon change our ways long before any impending disaster. A couple decades ago it looked much bleaker, but with the recent boom of nanotechnology things are progressing faster than we can destroy the planet. Solar panels are something most people laugh at. And with good reason. They were expensive, huge, and not very effificent. But now with nano-solar panels being developed and worked on with amazing results, these things arent laughable anymore. Their size has shrunk considerably and their efficiency has increased greatly. Each year they continue to shrink and grow in power, just like most things with technology. They have gone from being 1% efficient 2 decades ago to being about 20% now on average. And their cost has also decreased by 1/5th to 1/10th with each new step. Some experimental programs get 35-50% efficiency and claim they work at night. But i would guess its still a decade or 2 away from being universally accepted. But at some point they will become too good to ignore. And then electric and oil companies can go find other work, maybe making solar panels. I certainly wont miss them.

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    depends on what u consider natural resources...

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    If dumbasses keep cutting trees down and stuff yes, or if bp has another oil spill because they're retarded.

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