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Is it possible to write a computer program(s) that will process like Human Natural Language Process?

I know there are quite a bit of development in AI on this. But just trying to get people's opinion or knowledge on this.....

Most of the computer program process "sentence" as a stream of "string"....Even if they do have some Grammatical rule analyze the words relationship to form sentence....But I still don't think the program takes "Brain Like Approach" to process language....

The way Brain process a sentence or phrase:

1. It first try to associate the phrase with it's past experience as a whole....

2. Additionally it does break down the sentence/phrase into words(may be not word by word), but smaller part, to analyze or focus on something that's IMPORTANT....For example, if your cool teen say, Hey Dad can you pass me the psp3....You probably would try to figure out what psp3 is...Instead of emphasizing Hey....Dad....Can...You.... It's because your brain is already familiar with the other terms....

So, is there any Robot, that will associate the "Phrase" it hear from its in built memory or dictionary...But not just look up the word as "String match"...But it will look at few different factors...

a. How frequently it heard the word?

b. How it associates the word in current context?

c. The Rule it uses to parse the phrase and retrieve meaning out of it.

d. Finally it confirms if he is right or wrong(or how close he is...)

e. Based on the result, it stores this "Experience"

The clue is to build something like this is to try to build something that will simulate the brain...And how it learns or gather experience from world out there....

Any clues, opinions? Word of knowledge people? Please TALK

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    "The way Brain process a sentence or phrase" We still have almost no idea how the brain actually works. That's one of the reasons it's almost impossible to create a computer or a program that works like the brain. (One thing we do know is that the brain doesn't use binary - it has an almost infinite number of steps between "yes" and "no". It also has an almost infinite amount of association - anything can be associated with anything. In a computer that would take an almost infinite amount of CPU power.)

    Opinion? Let's see if a quantum computer - when we have a real one - can come close to even the kind of order of magnitude of computing power we need. (Remember, the only problems with the human brain are that it doesn't retain everything and it's slow. It's still a MUCH better computer than any device it's been able to design. Where "much" is like the difference between a grain of sand and a skyscraper.)

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  • Greg
    Lv 4
    10 years ago

    I think you should look at the Natural language toolkit that python offers, and read up on computational linguistics.

    Short answer is: Yes. But poorly. A lot of the information still has to be organized by humans first.

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  • 10 years ago

    Right now it isn't possible to make a computer think like a person. However we are making great advancements in copying neural networks. A new collision avoidance chip is based on a nerve in a grasshopper.

    Source(s): Discovery Communications
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  • Sharon
    Lv 4
    4 years ago


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