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If La Raza (NCLR) was really some kind of racist group like the RIGHT tries to paint them, would they have....?

so many corporate partners? The list is huge! these corporations risk losing everything if La Raza were indeed a racist group like the Right tries to paint them to be. This is where their funding comes, and not the tax payers. What do you think?

Corporate Champions

The Corporate Partners Program secures the overall success of NCLR. The investment from Hispanic entrepreneurs both small and large is a testament to the Hispanic community’s economic significance. These visionaries express their commitment to increasing opportunities for Hispanics with their continued unrestricted financial support, which allows NCLR to maintain and strengthen its administrative functions.

AstraZeneca US

Best Buy Children’s Foundation

Chevron Corporation

Comcast Corporation

Cox Enterprises, Inc./Cox Communications, Inc.


Eastman Kodak Company

Enterprise Holdings

FedEx Corporation

General Mills, Inc.

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

The Hess Foundation

Humana, Inc.

Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

MetLife Foundation

MGM Resorts International

Scripps Networks

Shell Oil Company


Southwest Airlines Co.

UPS Foundation

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Wells Fargo



@ How_Would_I_Know, visit La Raza's website to learn the translation of their name. That mato is not theirs either! that's from a group "La Raza Unida" who is no longer around, and hasn't been since the 70's. Do some reasearch!!!!!

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    Tony, the right-wingers just see La Raza as a threat because they are so well organized and succesful, so they make up any kind of claim that they can, and no proof of it either. Ignore those fools.

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    Jared, Jared, Jared, what are we going to do with you?...LOL this is strictly why I further (NCLR). right this is a lil rundown for you: l. a. Raza (NCLR) - Advocacy team l. a. Raza Unida - now no longer around l. a. Raza Gang - A gang 13 hours in the past

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    Saying La Raza isn't racist is like saying Louis Farkakahn loves jews and homosexuals. La Raza is racist.

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    No, and La Raza is not a racist group. It started out as a group that only helped Hispanics, but now they help everybody out. I guess that's what the Right-Wing Nut Jobs hate.

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    Those claims are their disguise of hidden racism. A few of my family members who are Black where helped out by La Raza a couple years ago.

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    doesn't this org hold costume parties for irish children. and help the swedes get visa,s.

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    the right wingers calling La Raza a terrorist organization is a thinly veiled disguise for their racism towards hispanics

    Source(s): married to a hispanic woman for 25 years
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    First it was the NAACP, then ACORN and now La Raza. See an pattern there tony? all minority groups.

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    Nah.. how could anybody think it's racist.

    I mean, just because the word means "THE RACE" and their motto is "For the race everything those outside the race nothing" doesn't mean they're racist! Does it?

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    Babycakes is right. It seems that they love to attack well organized minority ran groups.

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