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Psychotic ex claims he knows my location by tracking my mobile phone via GPS,is that really possible or legal?

Hi there,

I split up with my ex in April after being together for 8 years. I made it clear that I did not want to have any contact with him. I told him I moved in with a friend in an area far from the actual area that I moved in to. I was concerned for my safety, I was fully aware of that he was completely against the breakup.

Since April he has been phoning me, but I have not spoken to him or replied to any of his text messages, until last week. He text me claiming that he knew where I live. He explained that by having my number he could track my location via GPS. I asked him to tell me where I live but he refused to say my actual address or area, so I thought it was just bs and continued to ignore him.

He phoned me early this morning, I was asleep and picked the phone up without checking the caller ID, it was him and I asked him why he can't just leave me alone. I also told him I thought it was silly of him to try to scare me by lying about knowing where I am, he then described things nearby my house and certain letters in the name of my street without actually telling me the whole address.

It could have been a lucky shot but I doubt it, it would be too much of a coincidence, but Im not sure.

So, is this legal, is it true that he can track my location without my consent and if its all done via GPS is it possible to disable it on the handset (Ive got a 3, Skype phone)?

He hasnt directly threatened me but I dont feel safe, so what are my options? I want to change my number but Im worried that if I do he will lose it and if its true, if he does know where I live I cant predict the outcome of the confrontation when he come to find me. He is unpredictable and has a violent and threatening side to him.

Im really at lost to what to do here and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    if you have a smart phone there are applets that can post your gps location to websites - such as the iphone loopt or glympse or instamapper or google's latitude.. those systems require the phone to have gps active and allowed to send updates to the tracking database. most are limited to friends that you have allowed.

    If he had access to your phone he could have installed those or set it up to allow him access.

    i don't know anything about the "skype phone" tho.

    I found two applets for the Skypephone; "spime" and "Skype Geo Locator" that you might want to check your phone for.

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    Psychotic ex claims he knows my location by tracking my mobile phone via GPS,is that really possible or legal?

    Hi there,

    I split up with my ex in April after being together for 8 years. I made it clear that I did not want to have any contact with him. I told him I moved in with a friend in an area far from the actual area that I moved in to. I was concerned for my safety, I was fully aware of that he was...

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    While I don't know how someone would do so, I imagine that someone with the right knowledge might be able to track a person like he has to you. I would suggest that get a new phone and sim and make sure your old one is always off (remove the battery as well) - if he is tracking you via that then eliminate it.

    As for identifying details about your street, it wouldn't be hard to give a description that is generic enough to sound like any street - it has trees, its a suburb, etc. Letters from the name of the street? Well there are 26 letters, 5 of them a vowels so are guaranteed to be in there somewhere, most places are end in 'street', 'road' or 'avenue'... you get the picture. He is trying to scare you by making you think he is describing things that are near you. If he actually named places near you, for example local landmarks, names of villages or pubs, then you know he is talking about things near you.

    I would also inform the police. I'm not sure what they would say or do, but it can't harm you to try - they might give you some advice, even if they can't take any action themselves.

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    He cannot gain access to GPS tracking information to find out where you are legally. If he did gain access to it illegally he would need an extensive computer set-up. It costs £1000's every time anyone tracks a phone. So even if he had the technology I highly doubt that he would be able to operate it.

    In respect of the constant calls and texts - this is an offence!!

    He does not have to threaten you at all to be arrested or warned by the Police. If he follows a course of conduct (ie. does something more than twice) that makes you feel uncomfortable he could be issued a harassment warning stating that he cannot contact you.

    If he did contact you after a harasment order was issued he would then be arrestable. Technically as he is an ex-partner you local police force should arrest him and interview him to prevent this situation from escallating any further.

    My advice;

    1) Change your number

    2) Relax - he can't trace your phone and is trying to freak you out

    3) Speak to your local police force and file a crime report as he is harassing you

    Best of luck, and get in contact if you need any help with this process.

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    Unless those applications are installed on your phone, then he would need a court order to track it down. To get some peace of mind about that, I'm sure a quick call to the phone company would do the trick.

    As for describing stuff in your street- if he said something like a tree or a house with a certain colored roof, ignore it- chances are he was just describing generic things. As for letters in the address- if he knows which letters are more common in the English language (the most common are e, t and a), then it wouldn't be too hard to get lucky.

    Best advice- report him to the police for harassing and intimidating you. I'm certain that he isn't watching or following you and is just trying to freak you out. Get your number changed if you like- I'd be very surprised if he would actually go to the trouble of hunting you down.

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    Unfortunately Psycho is correct - there are mobile tracking programmes available via internet that gives the location of someone's position - has been sold as a way to have peace of mind as you always know where your loved ones are - it can be abused as is the case in point here. (check link below to similar sites to get an overview of what your ex can have access to and requirements)

    I would contact you local Police force and explain what is going on, get a case number and then I would contact your mobile phone provider and see if you could change your number - this would be the only way to ensure he does not follow up on you again.

    Good luck

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    Right here is the right tool ( ) It's a good method to start. The site allows you to run a cost-free scan in order to see if any sort of information is out there. A compact analysis is performed for free. To get a comprehensive report its a tiny expense. The absolutely free background check sites generally provide the most basic of information, such as name, age and address. To get further information, money will have to be paid. The free searches do not provide much more than what can be found through the phone book or personal knowledge. It's impossible to get a free background check. Really hope it will help.

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    First...... It is possible to trace people whereabouts using certain features on cell phone. For instance AT&T has service where parents can look on a computer and it shows where their children's cell phones are located. Also, there are some applications on the IPhone and Android phones that allow people to look up others GPS positions. Although, these usually require agreeing to allow the other person to monitor your location. But in a nut-shell. It is possible.

    Second...... It is clear that you are being harassed, if not stalked. The harassment / stalking laws vary greatly by state but here are how they generally work. If a person is contacting you, with the purpose to annoy, intimidate, or harass you; you tell them to stop contacting you and they continue to contact you then that is harassment. If the person is calling you with information alluding to where you live or are naming things in your neighborhood then that is bordering on stalking. Just remember the crime of harassment via phone / internet takes place in two places. Where you were harassed and where he harassed you from. So, you can report it to the police where you live or where he called you from.


    Obviously, if you don't feel safe then there is a problem. These situations often escalate into more severe behavior if left unchecked. In most states this behavior would be enough to get a "protection from abuse (PFA)" order or an "injunction against harassment" (depends on what state you're in). Here is how PFAs work. A PFA is a civil document, i.e. a court order, telling the person not to contact you. If they continue that contact then there are in violation of the court order. Once you violate a court order it become a crime; contempt of court. So, if you get one and he shows up and you call the police then he goes to jail on the spot.

    FOURTH......... Keep a notebook with dates and times in it of when he contacted you and how. If he calls you at 4 a.m, to talk crap, document it. Write down how he contacted you, what was said by him and by you, anything you heard in the background, date, time, and how you felt during the call. You can also by a tape recorder and put your phone on speaker phone and record what he is saying to you. Make sure you tell him at every conversation that you do not want him to contact you in anyway. You basically are keeping your own evidence of the crime and making it easier for law enforcement to get phone / internet records of when he contacted you if prosecution is necessary.

    Also, some phone companies allow you to block certain numbers from calling you. Call your phone carrier and ask about it.

    These situation are tricky so make sure you do what you need to to take care of yourself.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.

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    He knows your address either through your phone, (and he needs to spend time with your phone to enable it), through your GPS system in your car, (like Garmin for example, but he would have had to set it up), he has placed a tracking device on your car, (easier that you think) or he has run your phone number through a service. You can just put your phone number into google and you will get dozens of results that will give you a billing address for as little as $2.95! (But I'm willing to bet that he just followed you home one day, or asked someone that you both knew). You can file charges of Aggravated Harassment against him, at least. Call the cops before something happens.

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