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in world of warcraft- what does DPS mean? and tanking is just dealing high amounts of damage isnt it?

im new and still learning terms

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    DPS, Damage per Second.

    It's how much damage you can output over a given amount of time pretty much.

    Tanking is drawing in all the Aggro (Aggro is a mechanism for the game's monsters to calculate who they should attack)

    The purpose of tanking is so that fighting in groups doesn't get messy.

    Tanks take all the Damage,

    DPS Do all the damage.

    Healers heal everyone.

    25 man raids have 2-3 tanks, 4-6 healers and the rest dps.

    10 mans have 2-3 tanks, 2-3 healers and the rest DPS.

    Source(s): I used to play.
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    DPS means damage per second, and it works mainly for rogues/mages//hunter's/ and warriors with an arms or dual wield build, sometimes warlock's but with warlock's it is mainly DOT (damage over time) because they use DOT spells, which take away a certain amount of health every second for a certain amount of time. Tanks TAKE the damage from computer characters so that your friend players can DO DPS TO THEM AT THE SAME TIME, keeping your friends from being attacked. I was once a pretty damn good tank, and did all the old big dungeons when WoW first came out. You mainly want to use spells that will keep enemies on you while rogues/mages and other's do the damage to them. It is a simple job and you are going to have to trust your healer in keeping you alive while you get hit. The best tank is the one who can keep as many enemies on him as possible. If you want to do DPS, put points in arms and dual wield. Ask some warriors online about point skills and spells to use because i forgot. Taunt and sunder armor are the best spells to use I believe. One last thing, when you're in a party doing dungeons, just greed everything, it is proper etiquette, only need if it is mail/plate that you actually need for better equipment. It is a great game, wish I could play it but in college now.

    Source(s): 5 year tank player WoW
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    DPS means damage per second, and tanking isnt damage because the DPS role players will do more damage than you any day. tanking is about "threat" its about making the person u are fighting feel u deserve the most attention, most tanking classes like warriors/paladins/bear druids/ and deathknights (sometimes) have abilities based around building a high amount of aggro (or threat) and wear tank gear emphasizing defense /dodge/expertise/parry/block/ stamina. good luck friend

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    DPS-Is Damage Per Second, basically how much damage youre pumping out per second, its also a common term for a player who is specced to deal lots of damage.

    Tank-Tanking is making the enemy attack you instead of others, because you as a tank have more HP and more damage reduction/avoidance.

    Source(s): wow player.
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    DPS means damage per second.

    Also, tanking is not about dealing high amounts of damage, rather generating high amounts of threat to hold aggro on a mob or boss.

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    Cats a a good type of DPS. My hunter friends have Warpstalkers,but I nly got my old hunter up to lvl 26. My hunter had a golden lion which was a rare spawn,I found him with good DPS,but strong enough to live. He has bad aggro,but great for tanking. I understand you want a DPS pet,not a good tanker.

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    DPS is damage per second, and tanking is being able to attract an enemy's attention while your party kills them off.

    If you're a tank, you have good defensive measures, and high HP.

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    don't know what dps is, but a tank deals a lot of damage and can take a lot of it and is used to draw enemies away from weaker allies.

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    damage per second.

    tanking is maintaining aggro ( the "attention" of mobs ) and keeping mobs/bosses away from group members.

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    damage per second

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