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So Was Daniel Bryan ever actually fired?

The same for Bret Hart, they actually fired them, they had reasons and removed their wwe page. It wasn't like the Undertaker in 2008 who was 'banned' Daniel Bryan wrestled for indies and was fired... or was he?

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    I'm thinking maybe it was an elaborate storyline. I did hear about him appearing @ an FCW show (WWE owned). Now I know why.

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    Yeah, he was actually fired from WWE, for breaking the WWE PG Guidelines (Choking Justin Roberts with a tie), that nobody really gives a fvck about except WWE! Daniel Bryan was free to do what ever he wants after being released from WWE, except work for a televised competitor like TNA (that is what the 90 day no compete clause is for), Daniel Bryan was originally planned to be a part of the Nexus, but WWE released him for stupid reasons, that only the WWE cared about, I don't even really get it, but Daniel Bryan was able to accept independent Bookings at that time, so he was actually no longer under contract with WWE, and WWE can rehire Daniel Bryan whenever they choose, as long as Daniel Bryan wants to work with WWE, and apparently he does since he made his return tonight!

    As far Bret Hart, I think he was having some legal trouble and being sued by his health care provider for playing such a physical role in WWE! WWE worked Bret Hart off Television quickly, after putting him on a major role as GM, so I don't think that was planned, so I think it was because of Legal issues Bret (A former Stroke victim), was having with his Health Insurance, which I guess he has straighten out those legal issues now!

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    No it was all a work from the beginning.Of course to make this happen like this they had to come up with away to put chink in the armor of a growing stable like Nexus.So what better way then to fire on of its members only to bring him back at the biggest match in the summer.As Bret is concerned they did that i think as courtesy to him.He was starting to look tired and was probably not in the best of health so they let him go home to rest.That was more of a thing for nostalgia than anything really.You know bring in the parents a little more cause they know and used to like Bret.

    He couldn't pull a full time job anymore like being a gm as now days they have to be on the show every Monday.Now if it was like it used to be where they showed up maybe once a month just to sell the ppv he could do that.

  • Bret was storyline fired cause he went on a honey moon......everyone knew he would be back.

    And OMFG I honestly dont know how people could have thought Daniel Bryan was actually fired I saw this 100 miles away. I knew him being fired was storyline only lol.

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    Yes he was fired, but they wanted to rehire him when everything died down.

    I thought most knew that Bret getting fired was all storyline.

    Released and fired mean the same thing people. Both mean they lost their job. Same thing, just a different word for it.

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    Good question, I don't believe he ever was because his 90 no complete clause never finsihed up. I believe the WWE just played a giant Joke on it, and it certainly worked on me. I'm still shocvked he returned. I kept yelling Omg, Omg, Omfg, over and over again.

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    He couldn't have been fired because Nexus hasn't been around for 90 days.When a wrestler is fired they have a no compete clause for 90 days.He was probably "released"

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    He must have been legitimately fired then rehired otherwise he wouldn't have been allowed to make independent bookings.

    Bret Hart's firing was purely kayfabe.

  • He was "Released" and was going to be brought back when the stuff surrounding Justin robert's calmed down.

    Thus, he made his return today.

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    No, they had this planned the whole time.. WWE Sometimes Predicatable sometimes UNPREDICTABLE

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