Booster/toddler carseat frustration!?

Okay so they say use a foward facing carseat until 4 yrs old and 40 lbs, and then go to a booster.

Problem is my daughter just turned 2 this month and she is 40 lbs and 3'4 tall. I have a foward facing carseat for her but she BARELY fits in it. I told someone and they said booster seats are illegal if she's under 4 yrs old, but she barely fits in the foward carseat anymore, her weight is fine, but she's too tall for the straps. what do I do here?!


She isnt fat at all, she's slim, she's just really tall...

Update 2:

See we had the same problem with the first! You said "1 yr old and 20 lbs" but at 9 months old she was too tall for her newborn carseat and we couldnt get her in it, and 20 lbs. not 1 yr. at that time we got her a convertable carseat, but I cant find any like that for this. All of the backless carseats seem to be too short for her.. I wasnt her size till i was 6. but then again Trends dont run in my family. My mom is 5'6 and my dad is 5'8 and my sisters dad is 6'2. Im 5'2 and my sister is 5'0. and then Hollie, she is just sooo tall for her age! its unpredictable! Dx. I was small, so i dont know how to deal with this. I was in a foward facing carseat until I was 7!

Update 3:

Okay, ALL of those I have found I have not found ONE that fits her under 70 dollars, I dont have any way of getting that much money! Im low income, I dont even have my OWN car.. we only make 533 a month BEFORE bills, I need something AFFORDABLE, one of thouse links was 179 dollars, it would take me 2 years to save that much!

Update 4:

she doesnt fit it as in, the harnesses are in the top slot, and I cant get her in without it forcing down her shoulders.

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    she absolutely should not be in a booster seat.

    what car seat do you have and how is she too tall? knowing that might help some people answer your question better. :) my son is 3 years old, 37lbs and almost 40" tall (so roughly the same size as your daughter) - he rides in a true fit convertible seat and has about 4-5 inches left above his head, and i can move the shoulder harnesses up one more slot. it could be that the seat you have is small (which is what it sounds like to me), or it could be that she DOES fit and you just dont think so (which is not what it sounds like to me) - but it'd help to know what seat you have :)

    BUT. if she truly does not fit in the seat and you're going to have to buy a new seat anyway... go for a dedicated forward facing seat such as the graco nautilus. they are relatively inexpensive and will harness your daughter until she is safely able to use it as a high back booster in another 3+ years.

  • 9 years ago

    In my state, it is 3yo and forty pounds. Here is my suggestion; find a suitable 5-point harnessing booster that does not count as a booster seat in that configuration (meets state standards). These harnesses can be removed and the car seat becomes a booster seat with a back. When the next age/weight level is met, the back can be removed. "Daddy" is 6'5''- I feel your pain. I have a boy who was wearing size 10 toddler shoes at 23 months. Safety and versatility are key. That will make it the most economically feasible. Good luck mommy!

    P.S.- my "convertible", now down to just a booster, is an Evenflow...

  • We have a couple of Graco Nautiluses for our son (my car and my mom's suv) for our 2 year old son (roughly 27 lbs and 34"). The 5 point harnesses system is supposed to go up to 65 lbs and can be used as a belt positioned booster up to 100 lbs. Right now the straps are in the 2nd slot (of 5 if I remember correctly) so he has PLENTY of growing room in his seat. It has plenty of padding and it converts from a harnessed booster to a high-back seatbelt booster, to just a bottom portion booster. Not for certain but I think I also saw where Britax makes a harnessed booster that actually goes up to 80 lbs (please don't quote me on that though).

  • 9 years ago

    Many states are moving toward the federal recommendations for car seat and booster use, which suggests that children should be in rear-facing car seats to at least one year old and 20 lbs.; in a harnessed forward-facing car seat until about age 4 or until the harnessed car seat is outgrown; and in a booster seat until about age 8, 80 lbs., and 4'9" tall.

    you said she out grew the forward-facing car seat so she should be able to be in a booster seat without a problem but I would get your local state laws if I were you.

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  • 9 years ago

    Buy a booster seat with a 5 pt harness. The Graco Nautilus goes up to 65 pds in the harness.........a lot of other ones do too. Some Britax ones even go up to 80 pds in harness.

  • 9 years ago

    She's a big girl to be 2 (hoping not to offend you). My little boy is really tall and "built" for a 5 year old too. He was big from birth. I couldn't imagine trying to fit his size into one of those seats either.

    I would talk to the pediatrician about it and get her opinion. I would use the booster if you can keep her in it either that or maybe you can find a forward facing that accomodates larger children?

  • 9 years ago

    They make car seats with 5 point harnesses up to 65+ pounds

    Heres some

  • 9 years ago

    First off, about the law, I am not exactly sure of the car seat laws here in California or in Kern county but she as to be in a car seat that she fits in or what is the point? If she doesn't fit and cannot be strapped in properly then she wont be safe anyways.

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  • bubs
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    9 years ago

    look up the law in your state, it varies a lot so your legal requirements may only be weight or height based.

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