I have heard morse code being used at JFK?

while listening to the JFK tower you can sometimes hear beeping in a sort of morse code on the company channels, is this censored info or is it morse code?

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    It's Morse Code.

    You might be hearing bleed-over from the VOR/ILS/LOC or NDB code broadcasts.

    I'm not sure if they have those tuned in to ensure operation or if you are somehow picking them up on the tower frequency.

    They're identifying codes that pilots listen to to determine that they're using the correct navigational aid.

    You can check by writing down what you are hearing and comparing it to the NY terminal chart.


    You'll see some boxes that identify navigational aids, with their Morse code identifiers.

    For example-



    115.9 ch 106 JFK .---



    The Morse Code spells out J .--- F ..-. K -.-

    This one is right below the airport on the chart.

  • jim
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    1 decade ago

    It could be bleed over from NAVAIDS, or it could also be the push-to-talk handsets that the guys at ops are using. If it sounds like NASA films of the Apollo missions where everytime someone's going to talk there's a beep(s) it's the latter.

    Source(s): Old F4 guy
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