My WCW Souled Out PPV Episode # 52 Part 1?

World Heavyweight Champion- Sting

Womens Champion- Torrie WIlson

World Tag Team Champions- Too Cool

Tag Team Champions-The Outsiders

United States Champion- Ted DiBiase Jr.

Cruserweight Champion- Konnan

(Some championships won't be defened)

Match 1- Buff Bagwell (Heel) vs. Ultimate Warrior (Face). Winner = Ultimate Warrior via Power Pomb.

Match 2- (C) Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio. Winner = Ted DiBiase Jr. via Dream Street.

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Promo 1- Buff Bagwell barges into Eric Bischoff's office. Buff Bagwell: The Ultimate Warrior beat me in that match. Eric Bischoff: What do you want me to do then? Buff Bagwell: I want you to give me a rematch. Eric Bischoff: The Ultimate Warrior is apart of Team Hart and your apart of Team nWo so that's when you can get your revenge. Buff Bagwell: The Warrior is going to be eliminated before his very eyes.

Match 3- (C) Too Cool (Faces) vs. The Rhodes Family (Heels). Winners = The Rhodes Family. Dustin Rhodes hit Grandmaster Sexay with the Spine Buster & Cody hit Scotty 2 Hotty with the Silver Spoon DDT for the win.

Post Match- Cody Rhodes & Dustin Rhodes celebrate.

Promo 2- Torrie Wilson prepares for her title defense against Lita.

Match 4- (C) Torrie Wilson (Face) vs. Lita (Heel). Winner = Torrie Wilson. Trish Stratus distracted Lita so Torrie could get the roll up.

Promo 3- Brock Lesnar & Sable drive their truck into the parking lot.

Match 5- Brock Lesnar (Heel) (w/Sable) vs. Shane McMahon (Face). Shane McMahon via Leap of Faith.

Post Match- Shane McMahon gets the kendo stick and hits Brock in the back with it for no reason.

Promo 4- Team Hart are in the locker room. Bret Hart: The mystery member of our team will be here tonight. Bret Hart: Eric Bishcoff talked to the mystery member and he told me that it's either Ric Flair, Evan Bourne, or somebody else. Ricky Steamboat: The nWo attacked me weeks ago and I had a match with Flair not too long ago.

Match 6- The Undertaker (Face) vs. Masked Kane (Heel). Inferno Match. Kane kept hitting Taker with Chokeslams & Tombstones. Undertaker hit Kane with the Last Ride and then Undertaker chokeslamed Kane into the the flames. Winner = The Undertaker.

Post Match- Kane runs into the back. Paul Bearer celebrates with the Undertaker. Undertaker: I have burned Kane again.

Promo 5- Hollywood Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring. Hogan: Before my match with Bret"The Hitman" Hart, I will like to say that the Hitman needs to watch his back at all times because the nWo might just beat you down. The nWo put you in the hospiatl Bret and now your going to wrestle me tonight. Lets start this match right now.

Match 7- Bret Hart (Face) vs. Hollywood Hogan (Heel). Hogan hit Hart with the Atomic Leg Drop 5 times during the match. But Bret Hart kept kicking out and then he hit Hogan with the Pile Driver. Hogan kicks out. Curt Hennig comes out and stands ringside. Bret Hart gets hit with the Big Boot from Hogan. Bret puts Hogan into a sleeper hold. Rick Rude grabs the referee by the leg and thrown him into the guard rail. Hennig attacked Bret. Tyson Kidd runs into the ring and gets rid of Hennig & Rude. When Bret gets back up Hogan hits him with the Low Blow. The referee gets back up and disqualifies Hogan for the interference. Winner = Bret Hart by DQ.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Promo 1: 7/10

    Promo 2- Wow Torrie's Champion 10/10

    Promo 3- 8/10

    Promo 4-10/10

    Promo 5-9/10

    Match 1- 7/10

    Match 2-10/10

    Match 3-9/10

    Match 4-10/10

    Match 5-9.5/10

    Match 6- 10/10

    Main Event-10/10

    Pure Classic PPV, I had fun reading this and love it

    Source(s): 10/10
  • 9 years ago

    Cool card.

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