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In cockey rhyming slang, Who is Kerry Packer?

I know that to be Kerry Packered means to be Knackered.. but who is Kerry Packer?

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  • J. J..
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    10 years ago
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    Kerry Packer was Australian. Before he died in 2005 he was a media and publishing magnate and at one time the richest man in Australia. He was widely known for his extensive gambling and brash manner.

    The question really requires the reason why his name is associated with "rhyming slang" in England when he is Australian! The reason is simple CRICKET.

    Packer owned the Channel 9 tv channel and he wanted to be able to broadcast test cricket on that channel. At the time, in the 1970s, test cricketers were not paid like they are today. Therefore to ensure that he could televise test cricket he formed his own "World Series" with Australia taking on the Rest of the World. He paid established test players from Australia and the current big names of the other world cricket nations considerable sums to "desert" the establishment's format and join his "breakaway" series. Unlike the IPL that basically tries to work in conjunction with the ICC, Packer took them on in direct competition. Essentially he "knackered" test cricket in its existing format. However, the outcome many years later doesn't appear to have done any harm. The establishment were forced to increase players salaries more in line with other major spectator sports (although still considerably less than most) and Channel 9 broadcasts test cricket.

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  • holly
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    10 years ago

    Before his death Kerry Packer was a publishing, media and gaming tycoon, the richest man in Australia.

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  • 10 years ago

    Im guessing but it could be related to 'fudge packer'.You can work that one out!

    Source(s): Londoner
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