Republicans vs Democrats - An unbiased and basic explanation pls?

I'm hoping to learn the basic differences between these two parties. My father is Republican, but is so bias that i can get an answers that isn't "Republicans good - Democrats evil". Look, I know you all may have you political preferences but I'm just looking for why someone would join a particular party i.e. what are the parties trying to do for this country thats positive.

I've tried to ask my father this same question but, wow, all he ever does is say the democrats are ruining this country and brings up very specific (i.e. things he looks up personally) "good" things about republicans.

I'm just looking for an unbiased answer. Thank you.

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    Put simply, and this is as unbiased as you're probably going to get

    Democrats: More personal freedoms (requiring more government involvement) and generally more taxation to fund these freedoms. However, those being taxed most are those who earn most. They also tend to run of platforms regarding civil liberties (such as homosexual marriage or supporting Affirmative Action). They're more apt to support legalization of marijuana and the banishment of arms. Late-term abortion is usually supported here.

    Republicans: Less governmental regulation of business and less taxation for everybody (though in "tax cuts," the wealthy tend to be given bigger breaks, but this is not because they favor the rich; it is usually undoing the heavier taxation caused by the more liberal previous officeholders). More moral based, more merit based. Very.. "You work; you earn. If you don't work as hard, you don't deserve the same benefits. You need to work hard not only for yourself, but for your kids, too, as what you do impacts them." Usually much more strict constitutionally as well, and usually gun-happy. Abortion in general is seen as wrong.

    Edit: They both typically believe in graduated tax brackets, though democrats believe in a steeper graduation (example: democrats are fine for one "step" in the tax bracket system going from 33% to 39.6%, whereas republicans tend to level that out more, going from 33% to 36%)

    Another edit: the MOST biased place to check will be the party's website. Finding anything unbiased is incredibly hard; even moderates tend to bias one side or another, and even when trying to hold back a bias, everybody slips. I found it really hard to hold back some comments. The best thing you can do, though, it notice that in everything political, there is bias. If you decide to get super into politics like me, read as close to the original source as you can (regarding new laws). Reading laws passed or bills pending themselves is ideal, but I know it's difficult, so remember to filter out bias. Learn the gist of something without reading commentary, form an opinion on it that is as much your own as you can, and if you have to read other people's commentary or want to, make sure you read all sides of it. Don't blindly anything anybody says; all politicians are trying to persuade people, and that means using more than just logic. Don't let emotions get to you in deciding what you thinks is right for the country, and don't let a person's grandeur in speech fool you into thinking they're more legit. Get accurate scientific information whenever possible, but let me reiterate: form your own opinion.

    Source(s): Explains tax brackets. Not100% unbiased (or anywhere close), but this is just a look at what would happen if the Obama administration didn't push any new tax cuts (which they are doing, I think), primarily to show the steep tax brackets and how the personal liberties affect taxes.
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    Democrat Vs Republican Definition

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    Democrats Definition

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    Most of the answers so far are biased, but I'd just like you to know that today's Republicans and Democrats are almost COMPLETELY different than the Republicans and Democrats of a hundred years ago. Today's Republicans and Democrats are different than the original definitions. Same goes for liberalism and conservatism.

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    Well, there're the basic ideals...

    Democrats are more for the workers, while Republicans are more for business owners (big to small). Democrats are more about social responsibility while Republicans are more about the fiscal responsibility of business and life.

    Now for (sadly) the more important issues to Americans:

    Democrats are prochoice, and pro gay marriage, welfare tends to get easier to get under them, and they really want to win the Latino vote so they pander to them a lot. Republicans believe in God, the church, life and the sanctity of marriage and white power.

    Democrats place all the blame, and responsibility, of everything on someone other than the person in question, like the downtrodden and oppressed poor people who have the heel of society's boot shoved on their throat, that's why they are poor, uneducated, or criminal. Republicans place all the blame on anyone but themselves, especially on the poor for choosing to be poor and especially lazy. Neither side ever takes responsibility for anything. Both sides are horrendously flawed, and both are a farce.

    At the end of the day, a Republican and a Democrat will make most of the same decisions, and the Democrats are the weaker wristed party, tending to cave to Republican bolstering more often than Republicans do for Dems.

    Not exactly unbiased, I know. To throw it out there, I lean liberal but despise both political parties. Neither one does sh!t for Americans, and both sides are riddled with career politicians who make their living pitting Americans against eachother over stupid non issues while they rape the country because no one is looking.

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    As an independent, I will tell you that you'll most likely not find an unbiased answer on here. Just go to the official websites of the parties. I'm saving you time. Trust me.

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    i agree with dobby, you need to check out their opinions on their website, the only place you'll get MOSTLY unbiased definitions.

    i'll try to help you though (: just to let you know, i'm a proud democrat (:

    republicans are also known as conservatives, which means they want to preserve what they preceive as wholesome, American traditions. They are known to be against abortion, highly into the Christian religion and the Bible, are known to believe in war as the only solution, and are usually against all things promoted by Democrats. (also known as leaning to "the right," just some terminology i don't really get (: )

    Democrats are known as liberals, meaning they want to break out of the known American traditions, they want change. I could list all of my own opinions, but you want unbiased, so yeah (: look it up on the democrat website!

    good luck, sorry your dad couldn't get past his opinions to tell you other opinions, (:

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    Both parties try to make a big show of what they believe, but all of their beliefs revolve around one major difference between the two parties.

    In situations in which a government must make a decision, Republicans want the state governments to make that decision. Democrats want the federal government to make the decision.

    ALL of their other beliefs center around that one difference.

    But it can be a little difficult to explain exactly how that works, so I'll just give basic lists of their beliefs.

    Democrats believe in lower taxes on the middle and lower classes, limited use of the military against other nations, gun control, a woman's right to control her own body, environmental protection, protections from the corporate sector for workers and unions to help establish and enforce those protections, freedom of religion to the point that they believe that morality should not be enforced at all by the government, but rather by individuals.

    Republicans also believe in lower taxes for the Middle Class, but historically have not delivered on this particular belief like the Democrats have. Republicans also believe in lower taxes for the corporate sector; and many Republicans (though not all) believe in a flat tax, which means basically that everyone in this country pays the same percentage of their income in taxes that everyone else pays. On this, most Democrats prefer a graduating scale of tax rates; which basically means that higher income individuals get charged a higher percentage of their income.

    For example, if a person makes $20,000--$30,000 a year, they may pay 15% of their income in taxes. If they make between $30,000--$50,000, they may pay 20%. If they make $50,000--$80,000, they may pay 25%, and so on.

    Back to Republican beliefs. Republicans believe in absolutely no restrictions on guns, the rights of the state governments to take control of women's bodies to prevent abortion, are willing to sacrifice environmental concerns if they believe it will hurt the economy to enforce those protections, are completely against unions and believe that the free market should decide if a worker gets to stay or is fired, and most have a belief that morality should be enforced by the state governments. When I say that, no Republican believes it should be done in any kind of oppressive or Fascist way, but overall most Republicans are more willing to give the governments of the states the right to enforce a certain code of morality, usually one portrayed in the Bible.


    add-on: To ilovefridays,

    The idea of left and right came from the old French Congress. The Liberals sat on the left side of the room, the Conservatives sat on the right side of the room.

    That's all it is.

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