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Legal/moral question-?

I had a designer flown out from California and together we came up with the perfect house plan. And he employed a crew of workers that had the entire structure up a few weeks. My family and i moved in, and after living in the house, for 4 days, the entire structure collapsed in our sleep. Since we had just moved in I did not have home owners insurance yet, When the structure collapsed, my wife and daughter were casualties. And the great state of Mississippi has informed me that since my wife was African American, and that my daughter was a lesbian, that i am not unable to circumnavigate my contract with the building company. I had put all of my money into what was our dream home. I do not have the funds to even hire a paralegal. I have also learned that eminent domain will be commandeering my property to construct a bypass, so i am not getting reimbursed, Because, and i quote "due to large contributions to the tea party movement, we aint got no mo' ci ash". any advice?

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    I'm calling POE, because no bank would lend you money without insurance. Designers are not responsible for structural engineering. You should have hired one of those.

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