whats this guys deal?

guys only please, unless your a girl who is "experienced" with this kind of stuff haha

anyway, im in 8th grade if ages have anything to do with it soooo:

this guy is like ne of those popular guys that trys to be funny and you just cant help but laugh at him (ex: messing with the teacher and stuff like that) and one day i was sitting in class and he just randomly said "ur hot" and then when another guy asked what my last name was he said "hotstuff" and he always stares at me in class! this could be because i told him it creeps me out though, so hes trying to be funny. but a lot of guys stare at me too so i need to know what that means anyway. and in class we had to get a paper from a desk before we sat down, and we walked up at the same time and he got one for me before i could grab it and handed it to me so i just gave him a weird look and he said "rawr" (not like a rawr but like a cat rawr i just dont know how i should spell it!) ok so anyway wth is this guys prob, and what does it mean for guys to stare at me? if you want more info on him just ask, ill tell you whatever because hes hard to explain

ps::i refuse to think he likes because hes the kind of guy that will flirt with any "pretty" or "hot" girl in the school. and im not popular but everybody tells me im pretty so i guess i am? i really dont think i am and i have no idea why he thinks im hot but hes being really nice to me


thanks MML thats kinda how my situation is. he so popular and i dont know how he noticed me but i dont think it will go anywhere because hes the "go-out-with-a-diferent-girl-every-week" kind of guy but thanks for your answer!

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    Ok I'm a 17 year old girl with experience with this type of guy stuff

    Guys stare at you because they like your body or how you look 8th grade guys are perverts he's probably just trying to find a girl to hit on the guy you are describing reminds me of my 8th grade brother who does the same thing to almost every girl he meets it's just the way guys are, or he may actually like you some guys only hit on girls because they know they can't have the one guy they want even if your not popular it does not mean you aren't pretty it just means you don't try to be someone your not hope this helps:)

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    I am not a guy, but I am a girl that has had experience with your situation. It was when I was in the 7th or 8th grade that I got the idea that I might actually be attractive because guys started staring at me, too. It made me uncomfortable at first because I didn't know if they were looking at me because they thought I was pretty, or if something was wrong with the way I looked. By the time I got into the 9th grade, I realized it was because they thought I was pretty. I had a very, very popular boy tell me that I was "so pretty" when I was in the 11th grade and he was a senior. He asked me out on a date and I about flipped out. I could not believe that one of the most handsome and popular boys in my high school had just asked me out!! Keep in mind that I was very shy all thru school, so when this guy & I went out on our first date, I just froze up. I did NOT know what to say and I felt so awkward. This guy was dreamy - blonde hair, a jock, popular!! Whew! Needless to say, he was a gentleman and when he got me home after the date was over, he opened the side of my car, helped me out of his car, walked me to my front door and gave me a little kiss and that was it. He never asked me out again and soon after started dating another girl pretty steadily and it just broke my heart.

    The moral of my story is for you to learn that you are getting older and are realizing that guys are staring at you and making cat noises at you, which means that you ARE attractive and they are trying to let you know. Soon, some of these guys are going to want to ask you out on dates when you get older. If you do find yourself in a situation where a guy has asked you out and you are left with the question, "why did this guy ask me out?", then don't be surprised like I was. Don't be shy. Enjoy your beauty and have fun in school!

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    It could be any reason why he does this.

    But, I want to explain something that you obviously don't understand.

    A male will be interested in a female for MALE reasons.

    Females do not understand this.

    Females all talk to each other and dress each other and assume a lot of things.

    But a female does not see another female (or themself) in the same way that a male does.

    So if he is hot for you, it's because you are female, and that is generally who men like.

    You don't have to think you are pretty or hot or popular.

    That's NOT what a guy sees when he looks at you.

    He sees a female.

    Do you get it?

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