Did Michael Jordan play in the worst era of basketball? the Watered down 90's?


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    Jordan did indeed play in the very-weak 90s. While there were a lot of decent players, not many were great. The era was dominated by guys like Shawn Kemp, Karl Malone, John Stockton, and Gary Payton. These guys are hardly considered the best in their position.

    Jordan played Magic and Bird, but he didn't win until those people got old and retired. The same goes for the Pistons. Once they declined, that was it. Jordan took over.

    When MJ retired the first time, the Rockets won two titles, with Hakeem as the lone superstar, while Drexler was chasing a ring. They won it both times, so that shows competition wasn't too fierce during that time.

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    Some of the people answering think like i used to think

    Look at the list of players and who they played for in their prime


    Scottie Pippen-Bulls

    Karl Malone-Jazz

    John Stockton-Jazz

    Hakeem Olajuwon-Rockets

    Patrick Ewing-Knicks

    Clyde Drexler-Blazers


    David Robinson-Spurs

    Charles Barkley-76'ers and Suns

    Reggie Miller-Pacers

    Gary Payton-Super sonics

    Alonzo Mourning-Heat

    Larry Johnson-Hornets

    Penny Hardaway-Orlando(But became injury prone)

    DIkembe Mutumbo

    Grant Hill-Pistons(But became injury prone in ORL)

    Shawn Kemp-Super sonics he aint top 50 like pippen

    So the guy who had this list is not looking at it right. He is like ohhh great players must not be watered down but the fact of the matter is that the players were spread out to much then. There was

    Personally i think that the early 00's could be put into the 90's and take some titles away from that bulls team

    This era is not as bad because guys like nash duncan dirk all players from around the world have come mostly European players have helped the game get back some of it's competitiveness

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    Ya it was so watered down the Lakers and the Celtics both failed to win a championship in the 90's

    The guy below me doesn't know how great Malone and Stocton played.LOL


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    Stockton was playing great in 1988,1989 he was still playing and his stats started to fall off until 1997-1998 season because he was older (born 3/26/62) and playing less minutes.The same can be said for Karl Malone great stats his whole career he played from 1985-2004.How many players last that long in the NBA and play the way he did?

    He was born (7/24/63)


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    Take a look at the NBA 50 list and see who and how many of them played in the 90s.

    A LOT of them


    Scottie Pippen

    Karl Malone

    John Stockton

    Hakeem Olajuwon

    Patrick Ewing

    Clyde Drexler


    David Robinson

    Charles Barkley

    And others that were damn good in the 90s:

    Reggie Miller

    Gary Payton

    Alonzo Mourning

    Larry Johnson

    Penny Hardaway

    DIkembe Mutumbo

    Grant Hill

    Shawn Kemp

    Glen Rice

    Tim Hardaway

    Mitch Richmond

    With guys like them, don't seem too watered down to me.

    They were allowed to rough them up like hell. John Starks and Gary Payton would be considered dirty players in todays game of ticky tack fouls to increase scoring.

    I'd love to see how dominant Jordan, Hakeem, and Malone would have been in their prime in todays game.

    Source(s): Just so you know, I like Hakeem Olajuwon and Karl Malone more than Michael Jordan, I aint some Jordan Jocker. But I do say he is the best ever I saw the 90s and I know for a fact that it sure as hell wasn't watered down.
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    i agree with you, jordan did not have the competition that players in the nba do now. There were but a handful of players in the 90's that are hall of fame material, and ib the era now there are an overwhelming number of players in the 2000's that will make the hall of fame including

    Tim duncan







    jason kidd

    ray allen

    dirk nowitki

    and the list goes on

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    Watered down? wow. First of all if your source is someone's video on youtube, then you really have no argument. So, basically what your saying is that today's players are better than the players of the 90's? I'm not even sure why I'm answering this.

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    The best dream team that I ever known is on the time of Michael Jordan, if we will going to compare it on the team now, they are far enough on what they did, such is part of jealousies, the reason why they just commented like that, what he made is a legacy that nobody can ever do.

    Good luck


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    Michael Jordan was the best era in NBA!

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    Please. The 90's was one of the toughest eras of basketball. If you want to complain about watered down, look no further than the present.

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