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這首歌的歌名? 找好久了都找不到



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    Nujabes - Luv Sic (Message Remix) feat. Shing02 & Dj Hana

    歌名 Luv (Sic) (Messege Remix By DJ Hana) 有的寫做 Luv(sic) pt.1 DJ Hana Message Remix

    演出 Nujabes feat. Shing02

    由 Dj Hana 混音

    鋼琴的音樂是出自魔女の宅急便中的歌曲 海の見える街

    也可以說是 めぐる季節

    因為兩首是同一曲調 只是 めぐる季節是有歌詞的版本

    原曲歌名 Luv (Sic.)

    Nujabes 創作 Shing02 演唱

    專輯 First Collection Hydeout Productions(2003)


    沒有混音版歌詞 僅提供原曲歌詞

    Lovesick like a dog with canine sensitivity

    Developing this new theory of relativity

    Connecting our souls resting in captivity

    Positive life sacrifice what it is to me

    Our history, only a quarter of a century

    Reality, sitting on the shoulders of our chemistry

    See ain't no mystery, the colours that we mix will set the mind free

    Let the blind see beyond harmony!

    Breathe life into dead space blow away clouds of doubt

    New territory we determine to be

    Everything a safe heaven is supposed to be

    Now it might seem distant but the time is near

    When our thoughts take off and split the atmosphere

    Pure sound wave travel semi-infinitely

    Plus I'll see you there utmost definitely


    'cause the beat plus the melody

    Makes me speak of L.O.V.E eloquently so evidently

    Good gracious, every process has a genesis and ends with a revelation

    God bless this opportunity for me to find a voice

    For some words that have waited for way too long

    Low wages, Small tips on the avenue

    Haven't you heard the news lately?

    Seems we've been living for sometimes in a purgatory

    But yo, I thought I knew what a love song sound like

    But I felt a warmer tune in the sunlight

    I could still hear it in the room past midnight

    Gotta move, take a solo cruise in the moon light

    Sometimes I do forget, Oh how much we could ease the lives we lead

    If we learn to let go, the reins that we hold

    Return to our souls, and the spirit let flow

    So you see, upon everyday faces there's a million shades to

    Express definition of grace

    But the method I choose me perrogative

    There's so much love in me I got to give.


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    我無法補充了 只好寫在意見欄 = ="


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    風の丘也跟 海の見える街同一曲調 sorry!

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