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當2種解釋句意都通的時候 如何看到句子就知道它是想念還是失去?

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    vt. 及物動詞變化形 missed; missed; missing;

    1.未擊中; 未得到; 未達到; 未看到; 未聽到; 未領會[+v-ing]


    He missed my meaning. 他沒有領會我的意思。

    The hunter fired at the deer but missed it. 獵人向鹿開了槍, 但未打中。

    2.未履行; 未出席; 未趕上, 錯過[+v-ing]


    She missed going to the party on Saturday. 星期六她沒能出席聚會。

    3.逃過, 免於[+v-ing]


    4.想念, 惦記[+v-ing]


    I know how you miss your mother. 我了解你多麼地想念你的母親。

    5.發覺沒有, 覺得遺失


    She did not miss her necklace until she arrived home. 直到回到家裡她才發現丟失了項鍊。

    6.遺漏; 省去[(+out)]


    .vi. 不及物動詞變化形 missed; missed; missing;

    1.未擊中; 打偏


    Aim carefully or you'll miss. 仔細瞄準, 否則會擊不中的。

    .n. 名詞 [C]變化形 missed; missed; missing;

    1.未中; 得不到; 達不到


    He hit the target three times without a miss. 他三發三中。



    3.省略; 避免

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