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carbon sequestration?

請簡單地寫段解釋什麼是 Carbon sequestration, 我不要links, 要一個經過消化的解釋, 最好是英文, thx

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    Carbon sequestration is defined as 'The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in a reservoir'.

    It may also be a geoengineering technique for long-term storage of carbon dioxide or other forms of carbon to mitigate global warming. It has been proposed as a way to mitigate accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which are released by burning fossil fuels.

    Carbon dioxide is usually captured from the atmosphere through biological, chemical or physical processes. CO2 may be captured as a pure by-product in processes related to petroleum refining or from flue gases from power generation. CO2 sequestration can then be synonymous with the storage part of carbon capture and storage, which refers to large-scale, permanent artificial capture and sequestration of industrially produced CO2 using subsurface saline aquifers, reservoirs, ocean water, aging oil fields, or other carbon sinks.

    Sequestration techniques do not provide instantaneous results; the fact that they will take a long time to make a difference in CO2 levels must be taken into consideration. These levels are expected by the IPCC to be higher than today's.

    Chemical techniques

    Carbon, in the form of CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere by chemical processes, and stored in stable carbonate mineral forms. This process is known as 'carbon sequestration by mineral carbonation' or mineral sequestration. The process involves reacting carbon dioxide with abundantly available metal oxides–either magnesium oxide (MgO) or calcium oxide (CaO)–to form stable carbonates. These reactions are exothermic and occur naturally (e.g., the weathering of rock over geologic time periods).

    CaO + CO2 → CaCO3

    MgO + CO2 → MgCO3

    In nature calcium and magnesium are found typically as calcium and magnesium silicates (such as forsterite and serpentinite) and not as binary oxides. For forsterite and serpentine the reactions are:

    Mg2SiO4 + 2CO2 = 2MgCO3 + SiO2

    Mg3Si2O5(OH)4+ 3CO2 = 3MgCO3 + 2SiO2 + 2H2O

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    Carbon sequestration can be achieved in several ways. I only introduce the Chemical way since this board belongs to Chemistry.

    You can get more detailed information in

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    Thank you so much.

    I read the stuff from wikipedia. I'm gettin the idea.

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