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幫忙中文翻英文work time and play time



拍謝喔,這位方方,妳的翻譯是從 翻譯過來的嗎? 我剛剛才翻譯過喔~我要的是人類的翻譯!感謝!

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    當我們工作到累的時候,我們必須找點娛樂,We must look for amusement when we worked hard. 而我們也必須做適當的休閒娛樂,更不能沉迷於玩樂,And we must have proper amusement and recreation. Can't indulge in playing even more. 該工作的時候就該努力,該玩的時候就盡情的去玩,We should make great efforts when we should work, And we amuse heartily when we should amuse. 必須把工作時間跟玩的時間分清楚Must get time clearly that Work and amusement. 所以當我們該工作的時候就必須全力去做並且完成,So we should work exhaust strength in our working time and finish it. 而玩的時候就花費全部的精力去玩And spend all energy playing in the amusement. 工作就是生活,玩就是消遣,這兩樣在我們生活中一定要分的很清楚The work is living and amusement is pastime. Both must part clearly in our life.

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    ......and finish it 改成 then finish it

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    When we work to is tired, we must look for an entertainment, but we must make the suitable rest and recreation, cannot wallow in the amusement, this work time on this endeavor, the time which should play heartily plays, must the operating time with a time minute clarity which plays, when therefore our work time must do with all one's strength and complete, but plays time spends the complete energy to play, the work is lives, plays is whiles away the time, this difference in we live must certainly divide are very clear.


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