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Do you guys think the 2010 USA basketball team can win the World Championship?

I watched the scrimmaged game a couple days ago and this team lacks chemistry in my opinion. There is also a big gap in talent when you compare it to the redeem team. Considering the rest of the world takes the World championship more seriously than the Olympics (or at least that is what i heard), do we have a chance at beating the good teams like Spain, Brazil, Argentina, or Greece?

Look at this video. Magic Johnson is all class.

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    I think so! need to be optimistic! I think the U.S. national basketball can win the world championship.

    The leader Kevin Durant and very strong in attack, nobody can stop, and can play from +30 points.

    Go US

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    I've been waiting for the Championship since the last one in 2006, and the team is just now starting to practice. USA Basketball always waits until a just a month before the tournament to get practicing, and I never could understand why. They might have the talent, but maybe they won't gel fast enough, as the other teams have already been practicing for a month already. I hope they win. I've waited for them to win it since their last title in 1994.

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    You have no clue...

    They played China today and won 98-51. Granger had 22pts, Gordon had 15pts, Durant had 14, and Rose had 12.

    This team is just fine....btw, the 2008 team with Wade, Lebron, Kobe, and CP3 beat China 101-70.

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    They don't have any star power. If so, very little. So their opponents won't be as intimated. And the opponents will start becoming over confident and we take advantage and bring home the gold.

    Sucks that Kobe is not playing. Let's just hope another kobe or jordan comes around in the next few years. It's going to be boring if kb and mj are the last of their breed. and LEBRON is not in the category!!!!!

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    Considering USA has always been top in basketball, I think even though the chemistry is not as strong as last year, that they can pull through and win.

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    This team is young,fast and I think they have a pretty good chance to win it this year..

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    Sure why not?

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