Anyone up for rating their team's GM/Ownership? On a rating of 0-10 how do u rate the GM/Owners of your Team?

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    Doug Melvin GM - He's 2-6 for winning seasons with the Brewers, he thinks Macha is a great manager-which he is the most unmotivational snore artist in the MLB, he fricking sleeps during the game, I swear.

    I'm tired of the same thing, and the latest attempts to improve pitching included: Davis, Wolf, Vargas and Hawkins. Let's not forget Suppan, Gagne, and Riske

    He's made some good choices (Braun/Gallardo/Fielder/acquired McGehee etc) but you can only point to that for so long. His decisions on pitching have been terrible.

    Hopefully owner Mark Attanasio realizes by now that all these failed pitching decisions are on Melvin and cleans house along with Macha.

    There is no sense of urgency with Macha or Melvin, Macha says we need to be patient. WTH

    Rating - 2 (because of the few right moves he made, that's the best I can do, I want him gone).

    Edit: Rating Attanasio - I really don't know what to rate him, I need to see him get the guts, or strengthen his glasses to see what's going on in front of him. Forget about the Salary Cap for now and focus on what's in front of you.

  • nksj28
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    9 years ago

    I'd give Brian Cashman an 8.5. He's done an overall very good job as Yankees GM since 1998. The organization made a lot of mistakes in the early 2000s, but when Cashman took over full control of baseball operations, the organization made much better decisions. He has had some head-scratchers, but otherwise he has drafted pretty well and has made some very good signings/acquisitions (the 2009 free agents/acquisitions - Sabathia, Burnett, Teixeira, Swisher - not only played well and hard, but also had great character). He's willing to do what it takes to field a winning product. He's also made some awesome trades (like getting the aforementioned Swisher for Wilson Betemit).

  • Maria
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    4 years ago

    Carlos Ruiz - 9. The guy is unbelievable, he is the absolute best! He's caught a perfect game & a no hitter, and was shaken off for a pitch once. in BOTH of those games pitched by roy halladay. If that's not amazing, I don't know what is. He's a decent hitter, and is always there in big spots. He's got the work ethic (like much of the phillies team right now) and he genuinely cares about the game. He's great defensively, and it has gotten to the point where it's disappointing when someone DOES steal haha. I have great expectations for this guy, and he's lived up to them. I love chooch! :) He is definitely the best catcher for the phils since I've been alive. Second would be lieberthal, and he was great too, but Ruiz has earned his spot at number one!

  • 9 years ago

    I give Frank Wren a 4, on a good day

    Of the deals he's made over the past few years, little to none have paid off what they were worth, and in several instances they hurt more than they helped. I know that he could have gotten more than he did for several players, while giving to much for some. I know we could have gotten more than just Melky Cabrera, and two minor-leaguers for Javy Vasquez, and on top of that, the Braves didnt even need Melky, they already had to many outfielders. Plus he's played very, very, mediocre, if not worse, this season. Last season, he got us Adam LaRoche, which was great, then he dosent even try to resign him, and signs Troy Glaus and called it "the power the Atlanta line-up has been looking for". Yeah Frank, Glaus has hit less than 15 homeruns this year and it's mid-August. The way he handled Tommy Glavine and John Smoltz was disrespectful, and uncalled for. I'm still mad at him for trading Mark Teixeira at the deadline a few years back, I'm pretty sure Mark would have, at least, considered staying in Atlanta, considering he's from the south. It never hurts to try, sure he would get offers from big-market teams, but maybe he would stay, it would have been a long-shot, but if he had stayed look where Atlanta could have been last year. I'm mad at him for not doing something more helpful at the deadline this year. I don't like him, and I really don't think he does a good job by any stretch of the imagination.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Bears- 3/10- they've added julius peppers and chester taylor...but they never seem to understand this is a pass oriented league now and we NEED wide recievers...

    Bulls- 9/10-only reason not a 10/10 is cuz they couldnt land lebron...but with all the recent transactions with boozer brewer korver bogans watson and others they developed the deepest team in the nba....not to mention they made the best decision ever getting rose with the first pick a few years ago

    Blackhawks- 8/10- they had to let go of bufuglein and versteeg and ladd but just the fact that they got kane and toews in recent years makes them a great ownership...especially turning from the worst team in the league 2 years ago to world champions!!!!

    Cubs-0/10-im a die hard cubbies fan but the managment is just horrific they can never seem to pick the right manager or star players to build aorund and make a solid competeing team...not to mention 102 years of agony...definetly 0/10

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  • Kyle
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    9 years ago

    i'd say like 4 four for omar minaya. he doesn't understand that the mets need a good #2 to follow johan in the rotation and hasn't made the key moves to put the mets over the edge. also gives ridiculous contracts to terrible players(luis castillo and oliver perez) and he wonders why we don't have the "money" to get the players needed and he can't dumb them to any team because everyone knows no one wants them. he's a joke and idiot, i will be very disappointed if he continues to stay as the GM. then to blame for minaya staying is the ownership because they allow him stay with the team instead of hiring someone else who can do the job better. idk how they can just sit there like nothing is happening and wondering why the team isn't doing well. just terrible management all the way around; just a shame

  • I would say about an 8.

    Andrew Friedman is a freaking genius with the way he drafts prospects and what not. I mean look at our minor league system!. Stu Sternberg sometimes needs to eat his words, but he does make good decisions such as changing the logo and uniforms from the Devil Rays to the Rays.

    And Matt Sliverman is a great president. I think our ownership and GM are pretty freaking awesome.

    They get an 8 because of what they have done with Crawford, they get a 10 if they resign him, score stays the same if they don't.

  • Ace
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    9 years ago

    Mike IItch 10 for being the owner he isnt afraid of spending money trying to get good players to play for the Detroit Tigers and plus on the other 1 professional team that he does own besides The Detroit Tigers and far as Dave Dombrowski goes being the gm i would give him a 3 because he does some dumb stuff

  • 9 years ago

    St. Louis Cardinals - 7/10 they do their best to bridge the gap between signing free agents and developing players to help alleviate the money spent on the big names, all while in a mid-sized market and keeping the stadium packed day in and day out. They do a pretty good job of keeping the fanbase happy.

    NOTE: any baseball team that has been a disappointment this year will get a crummy rating from any fan that supports the team (Cubs/Mariners/Pirates/Mets)

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