What is the cost for the installation of a valve cover casket set both front and back for a 97 Chrysler LHS?

They told me it needs to be done at Tires Plus but said it was gonna be like $354? All it really is is a big piece of elastic.


Tires plus is a total car care facility. They are able to do everything. I have the 3.5 engine.

Update 2:

Gasket set I mean. I ended up doing it today. It was 310 plus tax so it was around 340. Ouch!!

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    There are two different engines in the 97 LHS, if I remember correctly one of them requires removing the upper intake. I wouldn't let a tire store work on my engine, that would be like visiting your dentist because of a stomach ache. $354 sounds a little pricey to me.

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