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Am I the only one who can see that Jay Leno has sort of lost it?

I don't know what it is, but I just can't find him funny, actually I really don't think that I ever did now that I think about it. Not meaning to be in any way disrespectful towards the person, I mean after all he does have a really long career and all, but it just seems to me like the guy has gone out dated.. his humour is just no longer current, and worst thing is that sometimes you can even see him struggle between awkward moments with his guests and all, as hard as he tries. Again, not meaning to sound rude or bitchy about it, but facts are I just can't laugh about more than a couple of words of what he says. Sometimes I even try to watch it because of the guests, but to be quite honest I'm also starting to think that not even that is worth it anymore. I think people should just know when to be able to say "hey it's been a great ride, but now it's the time to leave the stage". Sounds like the 50ies kind of humour, or maybe the first episodes of friends, who used to be great in the 90ies, but which now are kind of old!! His humour just sounds ridiculously predictable and out dated to me really! Personal opinion, but I would find it hard to believe that I’m the only person seeing this..



"...friends, which..." btw, and not who. Damn english dyslexia lol

Update 2:

God I really miss Conan too! What's he up to? Is he doing stand up? Hope he comes back with something on TV soon!!

Update 3:

@Alex: Right on, couldn't have said it any better myself! Hopefully it wont be going on for too long now, as the network might realize in time the mistake they've done. I just very much doubt that Conan would want any business with them now.. one thing is for sure though, if some day, hopefully soon enough lol, Conan is back it will be on HIS terms, and on his terms only. Obviously he also has cable, it used to suit him before, and maybe more than prime time in all honesty, coz lets face it, we all know that you can't say it all in prime time! lol In any case, it's a fact, Leno needs to retire ASAP... and I mean for his own good, before he hurts his image even more! Just like Michael Jordan and others, one has got to know when to call it quits, otherwise it’s just bloody embarrassing, that’s what it is!

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    I totally agree with you. Jay Leno is way past his prime. I know people really enjoyed him when he first came on the air, all through the '90s, and even the first couple of years of this decade. He's like Michael Jordan, he just doesn't know when to quit. I'm a huge Conan fan, and I was so excited when I heard Conan was taking over Leno's spot and that Leno was retiring. Then I guess Leno realized that Conan was way funnier than him, so he had to come out of retirement. Since he used to be good, NBC made him his own special spot on the lineup, which wasn't even during the time period that late night talk shows come on. Then they realized that Leno's ratings were awful. So that made up some crap that it was just because his show was on during Primetime, and that if they moved him back to Late Night, more people would watch him. So they considered pushing Conan's show back 30 minutes to give Leno 30 minutes during primetime. Conan realized how f-ed up this was and quit. Even though Leno is back to his original time-slot, his ratings are as low as they were in 1992 when his show first came on the air.

    So for a short answer to your question, yes, Jay Leno has lost it, and if NBC was smart, they'd kick him off the air and replace him with someone who is actually funny.

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    I think he's still the same as he was a few years ago, he just appeals to a specific generation.

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    He's just fine.

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    I don't think he Ever "had it."

    I really miss Conan Obrien! } :

    He actually made me laugh!

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    I agree, he's not funny anymore.

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