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child endangerment in California?

Calle dthe cops beacuse the landlord came into house without permission holding a baseball bat. cops show up make him leave. then give ex wife ticket for child endangerment. she has three counts against her, they said there was no food in the house but i know they were wrong as i was picking the children up and saw for myself there was. There was minimal food in the refergerator, but there was food in the freezer and cabinets. If I felt like my children were in danger i would have intervened. i felt like they overreacted. The children are all healthy.Was just wondering if anyone knew the law in California and what kinda punishment she might recieve? Thank you

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    The police could have called child protective services for emergency removal, put the children into foster care, eventually up for adoption, and terminated your and the mother's parental rights. That's the worst kinda punishment a parent can receive.

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