Who would you rather see return at Summer Slam to be part of Team Raw The Rock or Bryan Danielson? PLUS BQ:?

WQ:) With Summer Slam 2010 only 1 day away it seems as if The Great

Kahli has been taken out and won't be able to compete in the match with

that being said who would like to see take his place "A Dream Partner"

I think with Summer Slam taking place in Los Angeles in Hollywood that

would only be fit to surprise everyone and bring back The Rock for a night

it was rumored and confirmed by The Rock himself that he would be back

around the summer time 2 weeks ago The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson

were suppose to host Monday Night Raw in San Antonio that didn't take

place. Everyone is anticipating the return of The Rock to the Wwe and I

think he still got's it and he could perform one more great match for all of

the fans in attendance and watching worldwide on pay per view thoughts?

BQ:) Did we just see the future of Smackdown last night Jack Swagger vs.

M.V.P. that much was very impressive and M.V.P. has gotten a lot better?

BQ2:) Can Tyler Black make an impact in the WWE coming from Ring of

Honor can Tyler Black make an impact like CM Punk did when he started

out being a well like (Face) or will he end up getting released like Cabana?

Answer all three parts of the questions and support your answers with some

good reasons no rude answers please TROLLS don't cross the line cause I'll

smash you and let you have it trust me you don't want to see my bad side.


Take a look at these articles and read those if he does return at Summer Slam he will get a standing ovation and it will be a loud joyous Pandemonium that would blow the roof off of

the Staples Center in Los Angeles California.





Update 2:

Both Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock have said that they got one more match in them left. You said it before remember wrestlers never

retire they are always part of wrestling in some way, shape or form.

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    i would rather see brian danielson be a part of team raw. the reason i would rather see im over the rock is simple, the rock has said that he don't plan on having another match. i think the rock will return at least 1 more night, but not in a match. i heard that he stone cold said he wants to be remembered as an icon and not a joke. well, i think the rock feels the same way. if you think about, it, a lot of wrestling fans use to praise how great bret hart use to be, now ever since his return, the only thing they can remember is that **** match they had at wrestlemania 26. the same goes for ric flair, they see him as a joke, cause he is still wrestling, even though he had a great career(sorry for getting off the subject. but anyway, i dont want to see the rock wrestle if his heart is not in it. the rock has moved on to movies and acting. i think the rocks time is up. i agree that he is still pretty young(not old), but he dont want to wrestle anymore. so i say brian danielson, but not that watered down version.

    wq: honestly, i would say stone cold, but he dont want to be remembered as a joke so i say triple h, or evan bourne. triple h is a legend and has done it all in the wwe. he is a 13 time champion, a 4 time elimination chamber winner, a king of the ring winner, a royal rumble winner and has had many great and brutal matches with some of the greats and beaten them all. triple h bring ratings. he really knows how to draw a crowd and is damn good at what is does. evan bourne is another talent.i dont see why wwe buries him 6 feet under. he is a really good wrestler and is very exciting to watch. evan bourne also could be the next "best little man" like rey mysterio.

    bq: yeah that match was pretty impressive. jack swagger and mvp are good wrestlers and have good chemistry together. i would'nt say mvp has "improved", cause he has always been a good wrestler. i just hope he gets a push, cause as of late, he has not hit a home run. he hasn't been in no real storylines and he hasn't been qualified in big matches, such as money in the bank, and the elimination chamber match. he was a pretty good united states chamion, but that was last year. he is really talented and we should see more of him.

    bq2: sorry, i dont know who tyler black is lol. i heard of him, but i dont watch roh. the only good roh matches i seen were, some of cm punk's, low ki's, and aj styles matches.

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    Well, The Rock has said he would like to return not to wrestle, but still be there to entertain the "universe". I'd say Bryan Danielson but in this case, I wont. I wont say Bryan Danielson only because I would like for him to actually stay in the independents or even go to Total Nonstop Action. This is only because for the short time that he had spent with World Wrestling Entertainment, he was treated like trash, and in other promotion's, fans actually care for him, and knows who he is, and what he has accomplished which gives his career at least some credibility.

    As for The Rock, he will be used right, if he decided to come back 30 years from now for one last run as a seventy year old man, and he will be able to do many things wrestlers cannot do because he is always used right, Vince treats him pretty much like a "king" and he does the same thing for Stone Cold Steve Austin as well.

    WQ:I believe The Rock might return tonight. Above I said I'd rather have The Rock on the team rather than Bryan Danielson but I doubt either will be on the team. Bryan Danielson was actually released and as The Rock says, he doesn't want to wrestle anymore. So, I believe tonight, wont be a surprise, and just will be another disappointment, such as Evan Bourne. I like the guy, but I expect to see someone bigger, if you know what I mean.

    BQ:MVP has gotten a lot better, but MVP entered the company late. He is in his mid 30's. With guys such as Evan Bourne or The Hart Dynasty not getting massive pushes, I would be surprised if MVP got a major push. Although, it would be good for his career but there are only a select few of individuals who come in late, and be successful, and you can count them, just by using one hand.

    BQ2:Tyler Black could have gone ANYWHERE but the WWE, and have been successful, but he made the mistake, of signing with the WWE. Bryan Danielson, was released, and many other's in the past because of one reason, they were all successful in the independents. This is part of the reason why Evan Bourne is not getting a massive push. Vince hates any and all talent that was successful elsewhere apart from his "baby".

    If Stone Cold and The Rock have one last match left in them. The Rock shouldn't use it tonight, and Stone Cold shouldn't use it tonight. The should have one last match against each other at the grandest stage of them all in the upcoming years which will be a classic in my mind even though they have aged.

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    Bryan Danielson did not get fired by Vince personally, it was much higher up that forced Vince to fire him, otherwise Vince himself was a fan of him. I can see him return at Summerslam, because just yesterday he called off his indy date because of "family issues" and also he is not scheduled for any indy dates except for August 28th but that was a verbal assurance. He is not booked Monday, nor Night of Champions, therefore there could be a way of him returning at Summerslam. Rock and Stone Cold are farfetched. Rock is currently filming a film called Faster, and Stone Cold is still out there promoting Expendables.

    Dont be surprised if it is Evan Bourne that is the mystery guy, or even the Miz if he doesnt cash in his money in the bank before the match.

    Source(s): I am a Bleacher Report author and have years of wrestling knowledge.
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    I don't want to see The Rock in the ring any more, especially in such a high-profile match as the one taking place at Summer Slam. He's not relevant in any way shape or form to today's WWE. He chose to walk away years ago, and in the time since he walked away he has lost all relevance and meaning to today's WWE. All it would mean is a big paycheck for The Rock, a People's Elbow here, a People's Eyebrow there, and a Rock Bottom, and The Rock comes off the hero in a storyline he has NOTHING TO DO WITH, completely trivializing every other WWE performer's part in this angle. I ain't interested in that at all.

    Danielson was fired for a ridiculous reason. I'd rather see him come back and help Nexus than to join Team WWE.

    I'm not the biggest fan in the world of The Miz, but he deserves that high-profile match FAR more than The Rock. I'd much rather see The Miz join the team than The Rock. The Miz, at least, is relevant to today's WWE, and to that storyline.

    BQ: Sure, it's possible. MVP has always had "it" and I was hoping for a high-profile Punk vs MVP feud to elevate MVP to the main event. Swagger's got "it", too. He just needs a little more seasoning.

    BQ2: My opinion is Tyler Black will be completely "WWE-ized", assigned a new gimmick and his "indy career" will never be mentioned on air. He doesn't have the credibility, fame, and accolades (especially internet "darling-ness") that Punk and Danielson had.

    His "impact", I believe, will rest entirely on his wrestling skills, specifically on what Vince allows him to do in the ring. He's got the in-ring skills, no question, but what will Vince let him do? Gimmicks are relatively unimportant; if one doesn't work, they'll just give him another. He's fairly decent on the mic, but he'll have to learn how to do "WWE" promos; if he can learn that, it will help him out a lot.

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  • WQ:] Bryan Danielson returned back the Indies he had no choice Vince pick

    up the phone and fired him personally he told him screw you your fired!! He's

    with the Dragon Gate USA Promotion and part of World–1. He won't be back

    until later next year if that ever happens. Evan Bourne will join up Team Raw.



  • 9 years ago

    dang this guy is completely crazy. does it matter if the miz's development is ruined for the rock? wwe knows the rock is the key to getting the ratings up and the fans excited. this is the first time ive heard a person says he would rather not have him come. i hope he'll come back...but its more wishful thinking....


    ps sorry about not answering your questions but that guy got me worked up. who wouldnt wanna c the rock feuding with cena?

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  • 9 years ago

    The Rock-No explanation needed.Sorry Dragon but I will give you a thumbs down!!

  • 9 years ago

    yeah he might just return at Summerslam, that would definitly make Summerslam worth watching!

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