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can i take care of a dui in california if i live in arkansas?

and will the dmv allow me to take classes some where else

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    Actually, both California and Arkansas are members of the drivers license compact and share info about DUI convictions and moving violations. If a license is suspended in one of the member states, it is suspended in the other states.

    You will have to call the California DMV and ask them if you can take your classes in Arkansas.

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    Yes, you can take care of a California DUI while in Arkansas, usually without ever coming back into California, but you'll need the help of an experienced attorney to go to court on your behalf.

    I am an attorney in California who has over 12 years experience dealing with DMV and out of state driver's licenses. Very few attorneys ever deal with DMV and even less understand the complexities of attempting to get your license reinstated out of state.

    If you need help lifting the suspension hold in California to either reinstate or allow you to apply for an out of state license, please call 877-717-2889 to speak to me for a free consultation. I''m available 9am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

    I can also go to court on your behalf and get all of your California court requirements transferred to the state you currently reside in.

    If you'd like my help, please give me a call. I HANDEL DUI CASES ALL OVER CALIFORNIA


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    California will send the information to Arkansas and Arkansas will then suspend your license, if you have an Arkansas driver's license. You will have to comply with Arkansas law regarding what you have to do to get your license back.

    Hint: I knew someone several years ago that took the course. He failed it and had to do it over. They wouldn't say why he failed, but he noticed that he was the only one who admitted to having used illegal drugs in the past. So unless you have a conviction for drug use/possession/distribution I suggest that it would be wise to not mention incidental experimentation in the past.

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    No state can take your drivers license from another state. They will only suspend your driving privileges in CA.

    As far as your classes so long as they conform to the requirements of the DMV you should be able to take your classes anywhere.

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