Anyone up for rating Historical figures? On a rating of 0-10 how do you rate these Historical figures & ->?

Their importance in American/World History whether it was in a good way or bad way?

P.S If you don't know enough about the person in this list just type N/A

1) Simon Bolivar(Liberator of South America)

2) George Washington

3) Stalin

4) Julius Caesar

5) Napoleon

6) Martin Luther King

7) Gandhi

8) John F Kennedy

9) Fidel Castro

10) Jesus(Yes even Historians concede that he existed)

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    1) Simon Bolivar(Liberator of South America) - 6 liberating all of northern South America changed history, however by the end of his life there were many uprisings and he was close to departing for exile, but died before he could.

    2) George Washington - Being a U.S. native, a 10 He was a brilliant strategist as a general and when some wanted to make him King, he refused, he wanted a free, democratic and united country. This nation would not be the nation it is today without him. Who knows what it would be?

    3) Stalin - 0 - Sorry, but this man was responsible for more deaths than the vile Adolph Hitler, over a million for so called "political" offenses along with more millions executed or exiled to imprisonment and work camps where they died of starvation and disease. Millions of Russians as well as other ethnic groups were slaughtered at the hand of Stalin. Even the former Soviet Union took down all statues of Stalin. The 2 pieces of disgusting lowlife killers Hitler and Stalin deserve nothing but distain. And although Stalin made a few accomplishments, the 10-20 million deaths at his own hands far outweighs anything IMO.

    4) Julius Caesar - Definitely the first name that pops up when I think about Roman history. 7, he was assassinated by members of his own senate. But he did conquer Gaul among other accomplishments and how about that Calender? .

    5) Napoleon - 8 Played a major role in the history and evolution of France. He was a bright man, he granted constitutions, introduced law codes, abolished feudalism, created efficient governments and fostered education, science, literature and the arts. He was a great leader, that is over looked by some because of Waterloo. But his down fall came over his decision to invade Russia, the odds were impossible and he was exiled.

    6) Martin Luther King - 10, Martin Luther King has hundreds of awards for his leadership in the Civil Rights Movement, his nonviolent crusades to end injustices because of racism in American life was beyond impressive. This man was threatened at every turn in his life, but he continued on with the goal of fulfilling his dreams.

    7) Gandhi - 10 Through peace he freed a country (Through PEACE)

    8) John F Kennedy - 6 his time in office was cut short, WWIII was avoided after the Cuban Missile Crisis when he allowed the attempted invasion of Cuba (Bay of Pigs); and then you have the large number of troops he allowed to be sent to Nam. He did have administrative programs that became the foundation for major growth in welfare and regulatory agencies. Civil rights,and Labor Unions were domestic issues for Kennedy. The space race....I give him a 6 at best

    9) Fidel Castro - 2 - I'm sure there are positives, but all I can think of is the refugees that risked their likes to come to the U.S. and what they have had to say about Castro.

    10) Jesus(Yes even Historians concede that he existed) - 10 (no explanation needed)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1 Simon Bolivar 3/10 very famous but just failed in battle

    2 George Washington 7/10

    3 Stalin 6/10

    4 Julius Caesar 9/10

    5 Napoleon 7/10

    6 Martin Luther King - doesn't really adds up to the other poeple on the list

    7 Gandhi 9/10

    8 John F Kennedy very short term i guess 6/10

    9 Fidel Castro 4/10 if u compare to other ppl on list

    10 doesn't really belong here as most others are leaders even tho he shaped much of the western world 8/10

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Rating purely for importance, not for being "good" or "bad" - and considering them in terms of World History, since some of them predate the foundation of the USA by several thousand years.

    10 is most influential and 1 is least.

    1) Simon Bolivar -> 3

    2) George Washington -> 5

    3) Stalin -> 9

    4) Julius Caesar -> 9

    5) Napoleon -> 7

    6) Martin Luther King -> 5

    7) Gandhi -> 6

    8) John F Kennedy -> 4

    9) Fidel Castro -> 6

    10) Jesus -> 10

    Source(s): Master's degree in history
  • 9 years ago

    1) Simon Bolivar - 8

    2) George Washington - 8

    3) Stalin - 7

    4) Julius Caesar - 10

    5) Napoleon - 9

    6) Martin Luther King - 6

    7) Gandhi - 8

    8) John F Kennedy - 6

    9) Fidel Castro - 5

    10) Jesus - 10

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  • Gary C
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Purely in terms of their influence on history, whether good or bad (with 10 being most important and 1 being least important):

    Simon Bolivar: 9

    George Washington: 7 on world history, but 10 on American history

    Stalin: 10

    Julius Ceasar: 6

    Napoleon: 8

    Martin Luther King: 9 on American history, 7 on world history

    M.K. Gandhi: 9 on world history; 7 on American history

    John F. Kennedy: 5 on U.S. history; 4 on world history

    Fidel Castro: 7

    Jesus: 8

    I raised my score a bit for Gandhi and MLK because I believe their influence on history is only beginning to be felt-- it will be even greater in the future.

  • 9 years ago

    In descending order- 1st most important


    George Washington


    Julius Caesar


    Fidel Castro

    Martin Luther King Jr.



  • 4 years ago

    Alexander The Great reshaped the ancient world, yet was tolerant of the conquered peoples' beliefs and religions. 10 2) Abraham Lincoln one of our greatest leaders 10 3) Elizabeth I of England ruled during a period of tolerance and enlightenment, 9, had father issues and had no heir 4) Maximilien Robespierre 5, leader of a revolution, executed by the revolution 5) Thomas Edison as an inventor, 10, as a human being, I know nothing about him 6) Cleopatra tough to separate fact from legend and just plain fiction 7) Jose De San Martin you got me with this one. never heard of him. 8) Mother Teresa 10 as a human being, but likely to have no historical impact 9) Thomas Jefferson 10 in shaping our political system 10) Benito Mussolini 1, a bad guy who associated with two other bad guys

  • 9 years ago

    Bolivar: N/A

    Washington: coolness 4. Morals 7.

    Stalin: coolness 6 morals 4

    Ceasar: coolness 8 morals 3

    napoleon: coolness 7 morals 5

    Martin Luther King: coolness 6 morals 8

    ghandi: coolness 7 morals 8

    Kennedy: coolness 5 morals 6

    Castro: coolness 7 morals 4

    Jesus: coolness 7 morals 10

  • Ace
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    1. 10

    2. 10

    3. 5

    4. 10

    5. 10

    6. 9

    7. 7

    8. 9

    9. 3

    10. 10

  • 1. 6

    2. 10

    3. 5

    4. 5

    5. 6

    6. 10

    7. 10

    8. 10

    9. 4

    10. 10 .

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