Twilighters, do you know what this is?

In Chapter 11 of "Breaking Dawn", Jacob mentions "some fluid that was thick and white, not clear" in the IV plugged to Bella's arm. It's not vampire "venom", is it? If it is, why doesn't it turn her?


Note: I am only curious. I am not a fan of the series, so I don't need mocking answers. I just want to know what the stuff could possibly be.

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    It was not venom, it was fluid for Bellas human body, since she was rejecting all food and liquids, they needed to keep her stable with some kind of nutrition. We do not know for sure what substance it was but it was some sort of hospital thing that malnourished people go on. Pluse Venom is a hard steel colour

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    ifdk but i think it could be the stuff that they put u asleep in the hopitle it sure does sound like it

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    1 decade ago

    It is to show her condition has worsened.

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    lol sorry but it sounds like sperm

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