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Why Does Rush Limbaugh Hate Harvard, Yale, and Ivy League Graduates So Much?

Is he still souring over the fact that he flunked out of Southeast Missouri State University after one year?

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    You are correct, the "Bard of Lard" didn't "quit" or "move on", he flunked out. In fact, he proved unable to pass a single course of any kind, type, variety, or description. Some of his other seething hatreds and contempts he has to keep quiet--such as the fact he has NO background in service or responsible work of ANY kind, military, governmental, private, public. He loathes anyone who has rendered humanitarian service of any sort. His ignorance is obvious many times in each of his three hour psychopathic tirades, but of course, he and the hacks who advise him don't care, for they know their audience has even less in the way of portfolio and credentials than he does.

    I don't think it is QUITE hatred as much as fear. In order to make his repulsive, bloated, degenerate persona and sociopathic-psychopathic personality seem normal, it is essential to belittle anything that has actual validity. His followers keep praising his courage, without evidence of anything remotely approaching real courage--but never seem to mention his bizarre history with his draft exemption. They claim he is manly--but ignore the real facts of his trips to the Dominican Republic. They claim he has "common sense"--but don't seem to notice his fraudulent leaps of logic and complete ignorance of facts on hundreds of topics, meaning his "sense" is often applied to conditions which do not and NEVER existed. They try to proffer up his bloated hate mongering as "independence"--but apparently none of them know every ridiculous exaggeration and falsehood he utters comes from AEI, USCOC, the Heritage and Freedom Foundations, the "Club for Growth", and that he is completely their pawn and instrument.

    He is a propagandist for destructive divisiveness, and he MUST hate any form of valid authority which in any way emphasizes thought, intellect, and the opening of minds.

    It's the same reason he attacks the New York times, yet spews madness from completely debunked websites and lunatic neo-Nazi blogs which have no credibility with anyone sane.

    All these things are essential when one is basically trying to destroy the Constitution (the real one, not his imaginary ravings, which are false, flatulent, and criminal!) and even the pretenses of decency and fairness.

    You see, he barely got out of high school. Therefore, to him, and to the liars who support and feed him the lies he spews, what he was told by some crackpot in fourth grade means more than any form of academically valid information.

    Reactionaries have always hated science, logic, truth, and the overall broadening of minds which come from education.

    The "three stooges" in general are really the philosophical return of the Holy Inquisition, in a modern, Nazified form.

    So "debunking" education and reality is part of their overall plan. Harvard is merely a symbol because the name is well-known, even to his ignorant followers, so it's a good vehicle around which to organize the prejudice and hatred off which fatso makes his living. If he were English, it would be Oxford. Since he knows nothing about accreditation or education ratings--or much of anything else, actually!--I have a sort of rule of thumb: If he hates it, it is probably superb!

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  • 10 years ago

    He has no choice. He works for and thinks he is part of the most elitist, degenerate, slimy, corrupt and self-serving pack of criminally corrupt hacks on the planet, has no education, not much background in logic, and sells hate for a living. So the whole idea of the Nazi right is to make the intelligentsia into the "bad guys" just as was done in the 30's in Germany. Read some of Goebbels' speeches and you'll see not merely similarity, but whole concepts listed verbatim.

    He does what his evil masters tell him.

    Which makes him at least as corrupt and evil as they are.

    For the record, I graduated from a highly respected, great public university, went on to higher studies at another great school in the same state. And I used to make snide jokes about the Ivy League schools, too. But not in the same depraved manner the "Bard of Lard" does. Take careful note: every time someone's academic credentials come up, Bubba the Hutt discusses them with the selfsame ignorant, corrosive, and sneering attitude.

    How in the HELL can a man with no serious background at all possibly have a condescending attitude toward anyone or anything which does not involve winos or sleeping under bridges?

    Source(s): The Jeff Christie papers, and advanced research in the Dominican Republic at "special" resorts, where this phenomenon is better understood.
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  • ICH8TE
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    10 years ago

    LOL. Most of the GOPers act like they hate well educated people. Or people who graduated from those ("liberal schools" as the GOPers call them), with top degrees lol. It has to be sheer envy lol. Most GOPers that I know, don't have one degree from a university. And I'm not knocking that, because some people are just really dumb and can't be taught. But hey, since they couldn't hack college, maybe they need to just shut up and stop hating on those "liberals" who could, that graduated and went on to do big things in their lives lol.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    This is not just Ivy Leaguers. He--or rather, the neolithic reactionaries who write his copy and supply the ignoramus with his "ideas"--hate ALL education for anyone who is not wealthy.

    He sneers also at every other university if so much as a single person is there identified who disagrees with his neo-Nazi agenda.

    He is very much like Goebbels and Goering, especially Goering, whom he physically resembles very much.

    These right-wing book burning hate-mongers (and yes, Nazis were and are right wing, no one sane believes otherwise!) need to be exposed as what they are, with their contempt for logic and information and thought in general.

    Of course, Obama is darker skinned, graduated with honors from Harvard Law with a GPA of about 3.92, so someone who could not pass a single course in a whole year has need to "expose" the "weakness" of someone with exponentially more knowledge, savvy, and background than Limbaugh could even imagine. It is Nazi craziness.

    I saw this same madness long ago. And yes, it is the same thing.

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  • 10 years ago

    It's his job.

    He is paid by a corrupt elite to convince the none-too-bright that their enemies, "the progressives", are a corrupt elite. This is only nominally true, of course, so the Blimpster and the rest of the "three stooges" and other Nazi-style right wing windbags generate a general and deep contempt of knowledge, education, achievement in general. You see, divisiveness is best spread by the insane, for the stupid.

    And Limbaugh is just doing what his puppeteers demand.

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  • 10 years ago

    Your analysis is basically correct. He was not bright enough or disciplined enough to pass a single course, not even ballroom dancing.

    He has to insult education. He has none. He has to insulting public service. He never had any, and was in fact a draft avoider of the most repulsive order.

    This is not a normal or rational man. He is a socio-psychopath and a hate monger, and should've been institutionalized right after the "Jeff Christie" incident in Pittsburgh.

    Full time liars should not get air time anywhere on this planet.

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  • He is a very weak, stupid man, an obvious glutton, and a pervert. He is a complete academic and social failure, dependent upon the phony "think tanks" for every syllable of hate that crosses his blubbery lips. So the simple answer is: the masters of this mental weakling have instructed their thought slave to insult education and knowledge, so he MUST. Of course, his tangled insanity and weak-kneed jealousy are part of the general pattern of hatred he spews in his Nazi outbursts, so he has no problem with attacking the most credible and august institutions of the United States.

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  • 10 years ago

    He's anti education and needs high school dropouts to continue his agenda (they're the only ones ignorant enough to follow him).

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  • Kari
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    4 years ago

    they get good jobs or go to good graduate programs

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  • 10 years ago

    he's jealous

    btw- the guy above me that says you can search his transcripts is flat out lying; his link takes you to the official Rush Limbaugh website where it may be possible if you want to listen to Rush for months on end b/4 finding him say something crazy about "liberal college professors" and everyone knows that he does talk down to them

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