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Is it "Das Leben ist kurz" or "Leben ist kurz"?

Guten Tag! I'm learning German on my own.

What is "Life is short" in German? Is it "Das Leben ist kurz" or "Leben ist kurz"?

In English, "the" does not always precede a noun. Zum Beispiel, "life is unfair." But there is "the" in "this is the life that I want."

In German, how would I know whether a noun needs to be preceded by "the" or not?

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    "Das Leben ist kurz"

    Source(s): native
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    nope in German you practically always put "the" in front of a noun.

    So it's "Das Leben ist kurz"

    Source(s): Live in Germany, been learning german for 6 years
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    With das :)

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