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company secretary 問題

各位專業人士請幫忙, 如果在公司注冊處 - SC1 Form 打錯股東的名字,例如股東叫: ABC Limited, 但打錯為ABC company Ltd, 應該怎樣改正?公司內要出resolution 又應該怎樣寫 ? 另外公司注冊處的文件又怎樣amend??


Thank you so much for your reply.

I understand to send an amended return of allotment (Form SCI) to amend with correct name.

However, for internal record, I should issue a minutes or a resolution to amend the name with approval by board of directors.

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    For the record in Companies Registry, you have to send them an amended Return of Allotment with the correct name of the shareholder be stated for replacement if this is recently filed.

    The company should has a resolution of the Meeting of Directors when the shares are allotted and share certificate has been issued. The minutes are internal record and this could easily be amended with the approval and signing by the directors of the Board of Directors.

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    You should have a minute of the Board of Directors for transacting a business on Allotment of Shares to shareholders.

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    If the name of a shareholder is wrongly stated, you can correct it and then signed by the chairman of the meeting or you can re-type the minutes again with the correct name and signed by all the directors attended the meeting.

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    一般更正文件上政府以amended form 文件更正遞交,你嘅情況係SC1更正!至於會議記錄,由於祇係打錯名而需要補簽,我會祇在會議記錄上備註:即係會議記錄上有提呢件事,但唔屬於議決(Resolution)因為發股份之前嘅程序已經在上一次會議上通過,今次祇係屬於更正。好多時啲秘書祇會私底下做更正叫老細幫手補鑊,在會議上提都唔提!除非係你應該發股係A而你打咗俾B,咁你就要在下一次會議記錄上做更正Retification,同普通會議議決差唔多但係就講明係更正(Retify)上一次發股錯誤股東名字!


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