Burned DVD-Rs show up as Blank Discs that have never been burned.?

Hi there,

Just recently I've started having some trouble where DVDs that I've burned show up as blank discs in IE and DVD-burning software.

I'm running Vista 32 Home Premium on an Acer Aspire 4730ZG notebook.

My DVD drive is TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633A (AC00).

I've used PowerISO and NTI Media Maker 8 with the same results. Both show notifications that the 'drive is busy' when I click on 'start burning', act like they're writing data to the disc, and the computer makes a lot of noise, like the disc is spinning inside. Both programs actually have the gall to tell me that the 'disc has completed burning'

However, when I go to My Computer and open it from there, it shows it to be a blank disc, and opening it does nothing more than bring up a windows prompt asking whether I'd like to burn files to the disc. Meanwhile, the two programs aren't much help either- they also say that the disc is empty and allow me to 'reburn'.

Anyone have any ideas what's wrong here? I'm running out of space on my HDDs, both internal and external... -panics-

p.s. old burned discs show up fine. I don't see any scratches on these new discs I bought though (Imation for the record).


@Charles: It's a blank DVD. There's nothing to 'pirate' from, nor are the files on the disc corrupt, because there are no files...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Try updating your CD\DVD ROM drive's drivers. If that doesn't work then the disk reader is damaged or corrupt, or the files on the CD are corrupt.

    It's mostly the drivers.

    But some DVD's will not run on computers for the sake of pirating protection.

  • 3 years ago

    now no longer at present. I examine the itunes instructions and it says extraordinarily which you only can't burn offered video clips to a dvd. Itunes encrypts all their records to restrict piracy. additionally itunes video records are mp4's. This document form at the instant cannot be at once burned right into a playable dvd. think me i've got tried. What you will possibly desire to do is convert the mp4 right into a distinct document form that a burning utility like toast or roxio can understand. there's a application stated as vlc that i've got used to achieve this with constrained fulfillment. certainly one of those situations i'm going to become with solid video regardless of the undeniable fact that uneven or mismatched audio. which you will try this regardless of the undeniable fact that it actually probable extra disaster than it extremely is properly worth. another selection is to hook you computing device on your television. If it extremely is a extra moderen television you may hook up the television to the lower back of thew laptop if your comp has a dvi out. you will have the skill to choose for an hdmi-dvi convert if your television does no longer have dvi inputs. This only turns your television into the reveal screen to your computing device.

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