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Extreme urge to cut deeper than ever?

I usually cut every day and I haven't cut in 2 days because I promised my teacher I wouldn't and she is more of a mother than my mom. I really want to cut DEEP which worries me because I never cut more than enough to bleed a little. I have a therapist but I don't see her till the 26th and I see my psychologist on tuesday. I can't talk to my mom about this stuff and I don't want to disappoint my teacher. What do I do? It's almost 10 at night so I can't go running or something.

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    try and find an alternative and harmless way to make you feel better. If you feel as if you cant talk to your mum about your problems, run a shower and cry it out, that way she wont hear you with the water running. it sounds emo but sometimes its just good to let it out. i used to have problems too, although rather than cutting i used to rip out my hair. i started taking belly dancing classes which really helped with my confidence, perhaps you could try something similiar. as for right now, its important to acknowledge that everyone has their ups and downs, and although cutting may make you temporarily feel better, it will lead to much bigger problems in the long run and you will be left with scars for the rest of your life. try putting on some happy music while you go to sleep and eating a big and nutritious breakfast on the morning. hope your feeling better soon. x

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    If I was you I'd contact your psychologist sooner and make an earlier appointment, they can do that for situations like this. Secoundly talk to people. You may not feel like you need it but you do, people with depression often can't keep track of there real emotions and realty. And thridly distract yourself, yeah it's near impossible but try. I get in sucidal moods sometimes and the key is distraction. Music, friends text, whatever works for you. Just get through it, the moment pass's. Don't worry about telling your teacher she won't be dispointed she'd MUCH rather you tell her then anything happen. Please get help before the 26th, it's much to far away. I didn't get more help when I needed it and I ended up in a pysch ward for a month. It sucks and it gets worse don't wait, and talk or distract for now. Good luck, you can do it.

    Source(s): Me and a loooot of messed up friends...
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    try calling the suicide hotline. They dont just deal with suicide, but cutters and all of those sorts of things to.. Its anonymous and they will just talk to you. It might help. Iv actually never called before however iv been through the cutting stuff i know how much it suxx and how addictive it can be. If you want something fun to do bake some brownies haha not a permanent fix but for the moment sometimes yummy food makes you feel good..again didnt fix my problem but it always made everything slightly better =]

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    Many self cutters cut because they want to stop the pain, but it becomes a vice, because you always repeat it, so leave it, that's my advice do not worry about how deep will you cut, your life is important, The Lord Loves you do not allow yourself to despise you and feel there is no solution for your problems.

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    You increase your chances of infection if you cut deep, but more important: you stand a chance to cut an artery, which will not stop bleeding if you do not bandage it. So your mom will see all the blood, and your teacher will also see the bandage. Do disinfectant on cuts, it causes more pain, but the wounds will heal faster.

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  • 5 years ago

    Watch how deep you go, when you feel numb then stop,

    You're cutting nerves. After that they consider you suicidal so be careful

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  • 10 years ago

    Cutting is an addiction and a stress reliever, it releases dopamine just like drugs or alcohol. You need to treat it just like an addiction and

    find tools and support. I belong to a online support group with people who feel just like you and support one another, perhaps sign up and copy paste your question there and we can help you. There are going to be online support group meeting starting Monday I hope to see you there.

    Source(s): I am an addiction counselor
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  • 10 years ago

    hun first off stop.

    jst stop for good. you're life isn't terrible and you do not need to cut. you don't need to cut ever.

    You're supposed to always fight and be strong. not be weak and cut yourself. now theres no point in that.

    cutting yourself just is gonna make your problems worse... if your cutting to get rid of your problems by cutting then there is no point in that.

    and if youre thinking of suicidal. think about all the poeple that your going to hurt.

    def your mom

    and def your teacher.

    they both really care for you so you need to grow up and stop

    keep all the sharp utensils in a place where you can never get themn.

    get rid of them for good.

    cutting yourself just gets into bigger problems...

    one deay you might cut a vain or artery that cuases some failure of your body.

    don't do that.

    its immature and stupid.

    there is no reason to be suicidal

    grow the f**k up.

    LEARN TO LOVE LIFE. AND not just live it for nothing.

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  • 10 years ago

    actually, you can go running. wear bright clothes so youre easily seen, and you should be fine.

    but dont cut, if it gets really bad, try talking to one of your friends.

    or listen to music. really ******* loudly.

    i hope you're ok in the end

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  • ebe b
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    10 years ago

    Watch tv, do jumping jacks. Do something else. Keep busy.

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