Why do you think there are so many murders caused by guns in the U.S. then other free-world countries?

I just finished watching "Bowling For Columbine" by the acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore for the third time, and I'm beginning to wonder about the same question he strives to answer in the film: Why is America like this? All other free-world countries watch violent movies, play violent video games, hell, Japan makes almost all of those games. Yet we have so many murders a year, over 11,000, while other countries stay below 500. Maybe we should have tighter gun control. Maybe the local and world news we watch focuses too much on the few murders that happen everyday, giving others the idea of "taking care of their problems" themselves with guns. Maybe it is American culture, where we teach teenagers and even adults that without this product, she'll never want you. Without this body, you will never be loved. Maybe they plant that fear on purpose to make us consume, as Marilyn Manson intelligently explains in the documentary. As one Canadian man explains, "If more guns make people safer, then America would be one of the safest countries in the world. It isn't. It's the opposite."

What's your opinion? This question needs to be answered, and solutions need to be found so Americans can be at peace with who they are and the country they live in.

I recommend this film, it's amazing with the way it opened my eyes of what I'm afraid of and what I shouldn't have to be scared of.


Maybe more murders happen because guns are so easy to get. and go to hell, i've watched it three times in the past year, it's not a split second decision to ask this question :)

Update 2:

plus in Canada, 70 to 80 percent of the people have guns, explain how their murder rate isn't higher. They too have murder weapons at their disposal, yet the U.S. has such a higher murder rate. suck on that.

Update 3:

why don't all of y'all actually watch the film before coming up with fake answers? thanks.

Update 4:

wow, people. will you actually present some facts instead of trashing liberals? i should've known this would happen, another thing about our great country is our AMAZINGLY open minded-ness. I'll defend Michael Moore to the grave, he has a right to his opinion, just as you do. Check out the constitution.

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    It is an irony, and a good subject of conversation. Just like how America has illegalized drugs, so we shouldn't have a problem, right? However, America uses more illegal narcotics than anywhere else in the world. Marijuana was illegalized over 100 years ago (for racial reasons), and look at how effective it's been...the marijuana usage rate is sky high. However, though I'm not a fan of the weapon, I am certainly AGAINST the illegalization of guns in America.

    You have to consider where the problem lies, though. The reason for every murder varies, so it's hard to pin-point one "true" reason for gun problems. Were there drugs involved? Did someone know too much about something? There is illegal activity everywhere, and most of these activities are plagued with violence, so naturally guns will be present in some way.

    Then there are also more personal issues, like a cheating spouse, getting vengeance for feeling having been done wrong by someone else, or greed for something like a hefty inheritance.

    I agree with you on Marilyn Manson too. It's weird because he's easy to judge because of his appearance, but if you listen to what he says, he's actually very intelligent. He's said some things that make a lot of sense and made some good arguments before, some I'd never thought of.

    I like your question...free-thinking is always a good thing. Even if you question something and later agree with it, the fact that you questioned it shows you thought for yourself, rather than letting someone else tell you how to feel. Though I won't become someone for the illegalization of guns, the fact to question the irony of it is always a good thing. Questioning things like this leads to educating yourself about social issues in America and around the world.

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    Because people can own powerful weapons. Germany comes 2nd in the western world for gun murders with 800 a year. They have 1/3 of the population of the US so the claim about US having more people is rubbish because the US has 30000 gun deaths a year. If we multiply Germanys by 3 its under 2000 still. And it comes down to the fact pretty much anyone can buy a powerful gun. Most gun crime is done by legal gun owners in crimes of passion/heat of the moment crimes.

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    Just a bit more open and you would see that it is the failed policies of the left to make a large portion of the country reliant on social programs, that they routinely separate every type of person into a small group and insist that they can not make it with out government support. That everyone is a victim.

    You want to fix some of the murder problem then stop voting left. Encourage everyone to disregard race as a barrier to financial success and encourage everyone to take initiative for themselves and that they control their own life and destiny.

    The rest is jealousy, revenge, mental illness and hatred which cant be fixed with anti-gun laws.

    Source(s): Moore's best work was Canadian Bacon, the rest is agenda driven at the cost of truth. http://www.mooreexposed.com/bfc.html
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    Gun control does not work at all. According to your logic, Switzerland should have the highest murder rate in the world! In Switzerland, natural born male citizens must be trained in the militia and own a gun because they are part of the militia.

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    The NRA has a powerful lobby in Washington. Their premise, based on the 2nd amendment, is to make sure we all have guns to protect ourselves from the British. Now that we have beat the Brits back, we still all need guns to make sure the gun manufacturers have a nice healthy bottom line.

    And they really don't care who buys their guns as long as they are selling them... under the premise of the 2nd amendment. So, it's really all about the money.

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    Guns don't cause murders; people cause murders.

    Read history; people murdered each other long before there were guns.

    If a person wants to kill another, there are all sorts of ways to do it. Knives, arrows, rocks, clubs, etc.

    Take away guns, and you'll still have murders. There will simply be a different weapon used for the purpose.

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    I wish there was a 24-hour waiting period from the time a person finished a Michael Moore film from to the time a person posts questions on the internet.

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    Have you checked the stats on "knife" murders in the UK? There is more than one way to kill a person and a legal citizen carrying a weapon tends to even the odds. As an example, guns are hard to come by in Honduras and it has one of the highest petty crime rates in the world (petty crime, muggings, purse/bling snatching, robbery, express kidnapping etc)

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    Sorry, but we're #24 on the list of murders per capita. We're not the savages Michael Moore portrays us as. Michael Moore is an idiot.


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    Gun freedom and population size. Libs are really good at using homogenous little socialist nations with 8 million people to compare with us.

    I have defended individuals charged with murder or attempted murder by knife as much as by gun, btw.

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