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What's the big fuss over laundry?

I hear so many people complain about how complicated laundry is but I don't see how. All I do is take my clothes, throw them in the washer, put some oxiclean in there and turn it on. Am I doing it wrong? If I am, then I've been doing it wrong for like 3 months and my clothes are fine. What's the big deal?


Okay, I'm doing it wrong. What should I do then? My clothes are fine, they aren't oddly colored or anything (the whites aren't pure white but they're not tinted or anything either).

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    Here is the deal....

    There is stuff that is lint givers like towels and stuff that is lint takers like tshirts and fleece. This causes pills ( little nubbies ) on you clothing. Towels should only be washed with towels.

    There is stuff that is denser and thicker and it takes longer to dry...putting jeans in with say a t-shirt will over dry the t-shirt and reduce it's life and possibly misshape it. Over drying clothing and sucking the last bit of moisture out of it will kill polyester blends and elastic.

    There is stuff that will shed color making things dingy and dark or worse PiNK.

    Anything that has been washed several times will stop leaching color..It's when you get that new red hoodie you have to worry.

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    Nice clothes are expensive. It takes time, effort, and energy to maintain clothes so that they remain looking as new as possible.

    Compare a new white shirt to your white clothes. Which looks better? What gives you a better image?

    It is not fair but people judge others by their appearance.

    Martha Stewart's website and books have some information on maintaining your clothes well.

    Source(s): Martha Stewart
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    if you want your clothes to wear well you must look after the fabric. you must always read the labels so you get use to what cycle to use with the washing machine. its important to use the correct soap powder a biological or a non bio?, if you use a biological powder on your nice new silks or delicates im afraid they will start to hole as the powder is too harsh like wise with woollens you need a product made for wool or a non bio powder that is more gentle.a biological powder is ok for heavy soiled cottens.wash whites with whites, lights with lights, and dark colours with dark.good luck with your washing.

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    THANK YOU TURTLE!!!!! I thought I was the only one!

    I see this all the time, and I do not understand any of it!

    I've been doing it wrong, like you, for 50 years, but I'm not going to change my methods.

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    youre doing it wrong

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