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Do you know that if the U.S. constitution was respected there should be unrestricted immigration in the USA?

There's no part in the constitution that gives the congress the power to restrict immigration. There's a part that says that it can establish a rule of naturalization, but immigration and naturalization are two separate things with nothing in common.

Furthermore, unrestricted immigration would be consistent with the Declaration of Independence, which mentions "refusing to pass others [i.e. laws] to encourage their [foreigners'] migration hither" as an injury "having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states."

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    So you agree that Republicans and Conservatives don't respect our Constitution? They are the ones that say they love it, but at the same time want to spit on it by changing it to their liking.

    So much for all that "Forefathers" mumbo jumbo they spew out huh?

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    I would have like to answered with an honest opinion but your question failed the smell test. When you claim there is no part in the constitution that gives congress the power to restrict (your subject immigration), flattens your question. The entire part of the constitution called; amendments, is all about the citizen legislatures (LOL) changing the constitution or interpreting it their way... The only true reality of the constitution would come from a strict constructionist.

    Your argument would be better served under pros and cons of fertility rates in the United States.

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    With no disrespect to you. Your "Q" isn't based on fact at all. It doesn't even come close to passing the smell test. Federal laws can be and have been passed to prevent people other than U.S. citizens from entering the U.S. States. In fact and constitutionally supported by the U.S supreme court such people are illegals and can be deported. Even ships or airplanes that come within 3-12 miles of are boarders can be turned back with force if necessary. International law and our federal law are in agreement on this. Unlike the majority of other nations in the world The U.S is extremely liberal in allowing legal immigration. The constitution and federal and state law is in total agreement with this. We as a nation have the constitutional authority and right to monitor who crosses are boarders. Many nations have extremely strict laws with force prison terms and even bodily harm to an illegal immigrate. Until recently Mexico treated any illegal with extremely harsh imprisonment. If you are a Muslim and are a illegal immigrate in southern China a bullet in the head is often the solution. As Americans we can be proud that we treat illegals with respect and dignity but deportation eventually must occur. It's simple they broke the law of the land which is govern by our constitution. Hey, do your research and hit the library for constitutional facts. In closing one last constitutional fact, if an illegal immigrate should have a baby in the U.S that child immediately becomes a U.S citizen.(see Fourth-teen Amendment Like I said we have an extremely liberal and compassionate constitution.

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    The Declaration of Independence has nothing to do with any laws! At some point you need to know when to turn off the tap when the bottle is ready to overflow!

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    It is obvious that you do not understand the basic issue of U.S. sovereignty. There are untold millions who have desired to become citizens via legal process (applying for temporary citizenship, filing necessary paperwork, background checks, etc.). Why should anyone who has waited in line and done this already be put aside for the sake of so many who do not want to abide by U.S. law? Remember, illegal=unlawful.

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    How inconvenient.. lol.

    Oh well, the US Constitution is one of those documents which is open to interpretation and people can cherry pick to parts they like out of it, and which parts they choose to follow.

    Much like the Bible..

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    I'm pretty sure that would fall under the part about "repelling invasions."

    Non-citizens do not have rights under the U.S. Constitution.

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    You are not allowed to use the constitution against republicants. They have obviously never actually read it but claim that they are the only true Americans and support it 100%.

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