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Sports betting money management question?

If I have 700 in a sports betting account how much should I be laying on a game at one time with staying in my bank roll?

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    A conservative approach would be to put no more than 2.5% of your bankroll on any bet. This is the same as saying you should have 40 bets for your bankroll. In your case 2.5% of $700 would be bets of $17.50. So if you are making bets in the $15 to $25 range you will give yourself a chance to be successful.

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    Money Management is the most important part of professional sports betting. It is nothing worth to be good at picking out the winners combined with an eye for odds with value. If you stake the wrong way losing rows will come, it is not a question of if, it is a question of when.

    Correct money management will protect your money from the losses related to periods with many lost bets. If you ask 100 professional sport bettors about their money management plan I am sure you will get 100 different answers but they will be quite alike.

    To keep it short, if you can afford to risk these money, I mean it is not your life's savings. I would recommend to bet $28 per bet, (4% of betting bank) if you don't bet at odds over 2.0. Then as your account grows I would suggest that you keep betting $28 per pet until you have doubled up your bank, after that I suggest that you bet 3% of the bank ($42). After you have doubled up again, you should bet 2% of your bank ($56). You would not need to go much lower than 2% until you betting bank is pretty big.

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    I personally would say no more than 1-3%, but I'm a little more conservative than most. You're probably alright going with 5%, but never more. There's been so much written about sports betting money management, so I won't pound it into the ground. While it is very important, you still have to pick more winners than losers in the long run. Check out , where I go into great detail of my own money management philosophy. Best of luck in all your sports betting endeavors.

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    Sports betting money management question?

    If I have 700 in a sports betting account how much should I be laying on a game at one time with staying in my bank roll?

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    There is a piece if software called the TSM The Staking Machine, this has all of the various staking options built in, ie Percentage or Kelly criterion. Its only a few dollars and is probably the best investment for any gambler. I think there is free version as well. There is a link to it from the site at the bottom. There is also a link to some free software that has a percentage staking plan built in, this is for parlay betting. Its worth playing around with the software and enter some of you previous results, you will then see what is the best staking plan for you style of betting and with which system you would make the most money. Staking is the most important aspect of betting. Get this wrong and you will fail.

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    well it depends how much you need this money - how much you have left if you lose it - and what your goal is

    if your goal is 5,000 you cant be making 5% bets of 35.00 because even if your successful over a season its not gonna happen - your going to have to make bigger moves -

    its a great recommendation to not bet over 5% on any play - yet I dont think most gamblers can live by that theory

    also how many games do you like to play? if you like to play under 3 selective games you can play a higher % of your bankroll - if you are an action person and you like to bet lots of games you need to adjust and lower your %

    instead of a top limit on ONE GAME - cut your bankroll into 4 quarters 175.00

    make that your one day limit of what to spend - spend it how you wish - if you like only one game and you feel confident - hammer it - after the day is over - adjust your bankroll depending on if you win or lose - either you will be around 875 or you will be down to 525.00

    cut it into 4 again and try again - sometimes daily limits can give you better perspective rather than trying to come up with a magic formula of how much should you bet on one game - most people do not stick to low % of their bankrolls

    Good Luck:)

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    The best advice I can give you is bet what you are not afraid to lose. If you can part with all $700 because you are convinced that you have a major edge on a game, then bet the $700. This might not keep you in business long, but if you aren't afraid to lose that them who cares? If you feel like you really want to make a go of sports betting, limit your bets to an amount that will keep you interested but won't put you out of business tomorrow. Only you know that number. Best of luck to you.

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