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what are the top 5 Football leauges in the world?

And if MLS isn't on your list where does it rank? Where will it rank in 5 years?

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    1. England

    2. Spain

    3. Italy

    4. Germany

    5. Italy

    The MLS is very early in its life to be compared to the UEFA zones. I'd say probably tied for 7th with the mexican league or behind it. Scottish premiere league is 6th. In about 5 years and at the rate the MLS is getting stars and well known players such as Becks, Henry, Marquez, Donovan, and the rising of the U.S. national team stars, the MLS can easily rank 6th in about 5 years. This can only happen if the older stars from Europe keep joining the ( retirement league ) There's a good shot though.

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  • CLT787
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    10 years ago

    1) England

    2) Spain

    3) Italy

    4) France

    5) Germany

    MLS would be below Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina but above Greece, Australia, Korea, Japan, Sweden...

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    In addition to our friend above, you could add the UEFA Championship.

    Not sure of that qualifies for this question

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