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Why is the Pentagon buying Russian made Helicopters instead of American quality helicopters for Afghanistan?

Our products are much more better than Russia's why are we buying their crappy Helicopters?

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    Reading the article, I can certainly understand Sikorsky Helicopter being upset !! First the Pentagon doesn't buy the Sikorsky replacement for the Presidential helicopter and goes to the French instead !! THEN the Pentagon ignores the same bird (Sikorsky S-92) as a potential for the Air Force / Army Special Operations & CSAR contract.

    That S-92 is a big-body version of the UH-60/SH-60 (which I have just over 4500 flight hours in) and so far the ONLY buyer has been Canada for SAR and CSAR.

    Let's see.. the Congressman and Senators representing where Sikorsky's factory is located (Stratford, Conn.) would be - Christopher Dodd and Joseph Lieberman in the Senate (both not strong, Dodd retiring) and Jim Himes (D)... the prior Congressman (R) was defeated in 2008 - Christopher H. Shays was a known hawk and supporter of Sikorsky.

    The Mi-17 Hip is actually a pretty darned nice (and simple) bird... I got to steal some flight time in one back in 1993. A STRONG and simple bird.

    ANOTHER reason for buying from the Russians... the cost savings in flying them into Afghanistan direct from Russia rather than having to airlift them from the USA one at a time. I also am willing to bet that the US Navy will be selling them to Afghanistan rather than bringing them home... it's like buying a cheap economy car if you need to spend a year at a different job in Japan rather than paying all the money to have your SUV shipped to Japan !!

    Source(s): former US Naval Aircrewman / Officer 1985-1999
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    We need a good solid American name like Sikorsky on our helicopters.

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    Because it was specifically designed for operations in Afghanistan, when the Russians were involved there.

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    Mi-17 is cheaper, easier to fly, holds more people, can fly 17,000 ft, & will eventually be used by the Afghani "Air Force".

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    Oh, I so hope you are incorrect. If so, this is horrid!

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