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heat v lakers matchup .... advantages for each team?

ive had a debate with a few friends of what advantages the heat have against the lakers and vice versa, i want to see an unbiased view if your a fan of either.


1. Making Kobe have to defend, for most of the game, theres no way hes going to guard chalmers while making fisher guard wade, there is no way thats going to work, the whole point of kobe guarding the least threatening offensive player was to make him have a break on offense

2. three legitmant scoring options, all 3 of those guys averaged 20+ throughout their career that can get their own shot while the lakers really only have gasol and kobe to create for themselves

3. spacing, getting shooters like miller, house and even big z creates space for the big 3 to work and dragging the big body of bynum away from the paint


1. championship experiance, nuff said

2. the length of gasol and bynum, if the depth charts prove to be true joel anthony is the starter which would be a huge problem for the heat as gasol and bynums length will clog the lane up and bother the big three from attacking the basket

3. coaching, well comeon need i explain this?

overall i think its pretty even, the benchs of both teams have a mix of veteran experiance and youth, now im not going to proclaim a winner as im not some profit, but in your opinions, give me some advantages for both teams and do you agree with mine?


sorry to heats advantage number one i meant a break on defense

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Heat Advantages

    1. Their big three is the most talented big three in the game, and since two of the three are excellent passers and Bosh is decent at it, efficiency should be way up.

    2. Their big three. It's so good, it should be mentioned twice.

    3. Adding solid shooters, like you said, though I wouldn't consider Ilgauskas that great of a shooter, though he has been known to sink a jumper.

    4. Good defensive supporting cast members. Well, there's a few. Chalmers is good at the on ball pressure, and Udonis Haslem is an underrated defender. Their interior defense could pose a problem. Expect a better defensive year from Bosh. He's been criticized for lack of D in the past, but he was tremendous at that end in the Olympics, which tells me it's all motivation.

    Lakers Advantages

    1. Length...but not just length. The Heat are REALLY weak at center. Bynum will push everyone around (Bosh can't guard him). And, when healthy, Bynum can also create his own shot. Expect Bosh to play some center and LeBron at power forward, especially when the Lakers insert Lamar Odom at PF.

    2. Match ups. The Lakers may be the best team to match up against Miami's big trio. Kobe's an overrated defender, but he's still pretty decent. Him against Wade will be a good matchup. If anyone in the NBA has a shot at "containing" LeBron, it's Ron Artest, and Gasol and Bosh is a good matchup.

    3. Depth. If you consider that the Lakers match up well against Miami's big three, the supporting cast then plays a big role. Advantage, Lakers. While Miami has Mike Miller, Ilgauskas and Chalmers, LA has Odom, Fisher, Bynum and others.

    I'm not sure the Lakers have THAT big of advantage in coaching over Miami. I mean, Pat Riley's no slouch.

  • tony z
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    1 decade ago


    1. They're lack of a decent point gaurd. Chalmers is a good defender but can't run a team well and hasn't shot the ball well recently. Arroyo has been tossed around teams cause hes a good passer but lacks the ability to shoot or defend so their point gaurd situation is a little confusing unless lebron plays point which was projected to be a possibility. (Yes not Wade)

    2. They also lack a good defender in the low post every team with a big three needs a good low post defender. A player that can gaurd the five not the four. Haslem is undersized and Bosh can't play D. I dont care about the olympics cause we all know the US didn't need defence to win those games. Big Z is too slow as well as Jamal Magloire. Joel Anthony is also a little undersized and when given decent minutes still can put up good defensive stats. 1.4 BPG and 3 RBG not bad but not that good.

    3. In my opinion Miami would be a better team had they gotten a better point gaurd rather than bosh. Haslem to me is more valuable and I'm not a bosh hater, I'm from toronto. Gasol will kill bosh and gaurd him as well as bynum when healthy can do some damage even perkins didn't shut him down yet perkins can gaurd dwight. At the end of the day, you can say Lebron is the best player but Kobe has 5 rings compared to Lebron's 0 so we all know who can win and who can't. (as of right now)

    4. Lakers have a better bench cause Lamar Odom is the x factor no one else on the miami heat bench can score,rebound,pass like lamar. No other heat player on the bench can defend like matt barnes.

    5. Phil Jackson is a genius, he'll find a way


    1. Their offence will be way too good for any team even the lakers. Remeber all those buzzer beaters kobe hit this season well he had to hit one on miami and look how much miami has changed. Wade and Kobe went toe to toe of course Kobe got the better of him but what about Lebron as well Lebron has beaten Kobe many times so put those two together and it seems to me Kobe/Artest is not as good as Wade/Lebron.

    2. The heat individually is not a great defensive team. Wade/Haslem/Chalmers are the only good defensive players. Lebron is not that good 1 on 1 wise he is a good help defender. If spolestra can find someway to get them to have a more team oriented defence the heat have a great chance to be the best defensive team.


    To be honest there's not much to say since they haven't played a single game yet so i think Lakers are better there two time champs. I think some people miss the point when they say heats are better than the lakers. That is debatable on paper but when it comes down to real life. The lakers are looking at a repeat and Miami is HOPING for a ring.

  • 1 decade ago

    Heat Advantages:

    1. Lebron and Wade are two of the top 5 perimeter players In the league. They're the two best at attacking the rim and drawing a ton of fouls that could possibly create foul trouble for the Laker bigs.

    2. Everyone talks about the Laker length In their frontcourt, but the Heat's backcourt length will be very effective. When they go with Miller 6'7", Wade 6'5" and Lebron 6'9", they'll be In every passing lane.

    3. Also, that line up will force Kobe to guard 1 of 2 things that he has trouble with. Either he'll have to chase Wade around and expend a lot of energy, or he'll have to guard the post up of Miller or Lebron.

    Lakers Advantages:

    1. 1st thing Is Phil Jackson, with the depth they have, the many options on both sides of the ball almost guarantee them another ring. Fisher, Barnes, Brown, Artest, and Bynum to defend. Kobe, Blake, Gasol, Ebanks and Odom to score. Phil will figure It out.

    2. They have clear advantages at the two most Important position, point guard and center. Fisher Is a proven winner and opportunist, and Blake Is proven to be a solid starter who's dangerous as a back up against your second team. If Bynum Is healthy he'll be too big and too physical for any big the Heat has, Magloire has the size but he's old and not quick enough.

    3. That dominating length of Odom, Gasol and Bynum will clog the paint and force Wade and Lebron to be jump shooters, they wont get to the rim every game, they wont get those calls every game, not In the finals against the Lakers and a possibly historic 4th 3-peat.

    with that being said, even though I think It will be very tough to deny a team with Lebron and Wade, and Bosh too I guess, on the biggest stage; I still believe that a 4th 3-peat for Phil and a 2nd for Kobe against Lebron and Wade to top their careers off would be too much to pass up. Lakers win In 6.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    1.Lakers are to big for the Heat and will destroy them on the boards!

    2. Lakers also play great team defense ,Miami can't match up with Bynum,Gasol and Odom!

    3.Lakers bring defense and offense off their bench,Miami bench brings nothing!

    4.Kobe Bryant is the best closer in the game.

    5.Miami has the worst center ,point guard combo in the NBA!

    6.Coaching ,Lakers have Phil Jackson,Miami has a lame duck coach that's never coached a big game in his life!

    7.Miami will have to play their stars 42 mins every night all season.Lets see what they have left for the playoff run!If they don't get hurt!Lakers have a great bench that will keep their starters rested for the Playoffs!

    Only advantage Miami has is playing in the weak east!

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  • 1 decade ago

    i its gonna be a very nice match up between these two teams...kobe bryant will be guarding wade , ron artest on lebron with alot of help defense, pau gasol on bosh...kobe and gasol wont be having much of a problem, kobe can guard wade and really slow him down, need reference??go to youtube watch how kobe makes wade look amateur...gasol vs bosh?? gasol has quickness for a 7 footer and height advantage....

    but the real question here is can anyone in the heat stop kobe?? in all fairness to heat..lebron and wade suck at 1 on 1 defense...they might look kinda on D because they get a few steals and blocks and cutting in passing lanes but if you watch closely they cant really stay infront of a guy especially a guy like kobe..need another reference look kobe being defended by lebron and wade.

  • 1 decade ago

    You said it all. The Heat is going to be a good defensive team though because their defensive minded coach. Last year, the Heat was one of the best defensive team in the League last season with a very small line up.

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    1 decade ago

    Lakers advantages = Height/Length of Gasol/Bynum/Odom, coaching, team chemistry, and championship experience

    Heat advantages = youth and athleticism, three mega-stars, team chemistry, and nobody on the Lakers can defend Lebron James.


    It's pretty even, and whoever captures home-court advantage will likely walk away with the championship

  • 1 decade ago

    i agree with you, the only thing missing is Lakers bench is stronger than the Heats.

  • 1 decade ago

    Lakers r the favs.

    And will 3peat.

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